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Huge spelling mistake on Cathay Pacific plane

(CNN) — Sometimes, a massive typo is right in front of your eyes and you can't see it. For Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific, it was between the "i"s -- on the livery of its Boeing 777-367. In a move that's had the Internet asking "WTF?" ("Where's the F?"), photos emerged Wednesday morning appearing to show a plane on the tarmac at Hong Kong airport, proudly emblazoned with the words "CATHAY PACIIC." ( More...

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djames225 28
Someone told Cathay Pacific to "F" off so they took it literally. At least the didn't spell it Cathay SPacific
ken young 0
HA HA HA....Brilliant!
"Cathay Pacific: When you really want to get the F out of there"
that's a really good one :)
I can definitely see this as an accident. Somewhere, someone typed "CATHAY PACIIC" into a program, and that's all she wrote. An enormous plotter started cutting out pieces of vinyl far too large to read as a whole, producing a stack of sections. The team applying it started at the right end so it could be aligned with the door and end of the windows, and worked backward through the name. The letters are 4' high, and the workers were within a foot or two handling the floppy material; they couldn't see more than a couple of letters at a time. Then, when done, they turned their backs and went on to their next tasks.
eshulze 7 wouldn't surprise me if this was a marketing thing.....look at how much free publicity they are getting over it...
sparkie624 2
Yeah... But it is not Good Publicity!
aarondmorley 6
It’s a painting error, it’s hardly bad publicity
babyracer 8
Nope, can't really call it bad publicity at all......they would have gotten an 'F' for that :P

I'll show myself out >.>
eshulze 1
Agree'd...any PR is good PR......especially when its for something silly like this... considering a painting issue like this has no direct link to the service or the airworthiness of the aircraft.
sparkie624 1
It also shows a lack of attention to Details... And that was a Pretty Big Detail.
chalet 1
sharon bias 13
You only had one job!!
pagheca 5
If it was RyanAir I would first have see it as a publicity stunt... Than just a way to save in costs and weight.
djames225 1
RanAir...yeah..I could see that a publicity stunt.
bwigen 3
Not surprised. We have had a local high school being rebuilt/remodeled for the last 3 years. Just as this school year was about to begin, it took a student to realize that the high school name on one end of the new basketball court was misspelled. Hopefully the same attention to detail isn’t being given to our new airliners as they’re being built. To quote one of my old chiefs...”Any job, big or small, do it right or not at all”.
Ivan Cholakov 3
It takes at least 12 people to apply and review the application of the stencils. A few people have to sign off for the acceptance of the work from the work contractor who did the job...
Not to mention the captain of the flight will perform his visual inspection prior to the flight and not notice. come on ...
Torsten Hoff 4
The PIC isn’t going to cancel a flight for that.
dj horton 1
For an acceptance? It wouldn’t be up to the PIC, it would be up to the company
MultiComm 4
Good point although I am certain that I don’t look at the spelling of the livery when I do my preflight. It might catch my attention or it might not.
gilgraham 3
I saw a similar thing when I worked for a barge manufacturer. My job was to photograph the launch, and when I stood a distance away at launch time, I noticed they had painted the very large name of the owner "INGRAM" backwards - it read "MARGNI". We quickly painted over all the letters except the R which, could still be used, and launched the boat.
scott8733 7
Meh, I concern myself less with what's painted on the outside, compared to their world class customer service on the inside- which for any of us who have flown C/ in a different galactical zip code from anything the US carriers offer.
U.S. carriers are too busy figuring out ways to become a profitable air carrier.
AWAAlum 1
From what I've been seeing lately, they're making money hand over fist.
Greed is never satisfied.
AWAAlum 2
Capitalism, sir. It's my understanding that companies are in business to make money.
patrick baker 2
perhaps the paint crew leader spoke with a lisp, and delivered verbal directions to the painters, and phonetically that is what he sounded like. give it a rest..... the inside is where the real genius is expressed.
sparkie624 2
That is a good one... I think the Paint Shop needs a Spell Checker!
joel wiley 2
Clearly the paint shop automation did not include grammerly.
Kem7 3
Could have been worse ... as Cathay Panic.
A F 2
Hah Hah Hah This is soooo funny!!!
ReverendLee 2
"That looks great! But who are the Chefs?"

"Great googly-moogly..."
Bing Yiu 1
so is F off~ lol
About 15 years ago a huge road sign at Villawood (Sydney Australia) was installed reading LIVEPROOL. It was there for months before the mistake was noticed. It was so large that a panel with just "RP" was made to cover the mistake. It's still visible if you look closely.
william baker 1
OOPS sorry I did that. I was just trying to get noticed by upper management. Lol Sorry folks I had to do it.
Randy Barnard 1
The plane told them it was wrong
Does that look right
Paul Hurford 1
Seriously ! :P
ken young 1
For the people applying the livery and their respective management, a career ender
Ha ha... maybe the signwriter had had a liquid lunch?...or needs more sleep?
CecilyPacanin they have all this free advertising...everyone have a great weekend.
Chris Miller 1
for sure a marketing ploy... they just got a new agency and they're trying to prove themselves... well done
Good response by CP
I think this could be a very unique ever error that has happened probably in the history of aviation :P .. Anyways, rectifications will again cost a good sum.
djames225 2
It depends on which eating establishment, the person who messed up, has to take the others to for the dim sum.
ouh! That's gotta hurt...glasses please for the folks detailing the airframe!
John Sokolsky 1
Captain to FO: One heck of a walk-around Bob..
alan75035 1
Perhaps a cost savings move?
lyn williams 1
Did CNN do the proofing for the art as well? CNN is notorious for not being able to spell, write, or otherwise make proper use of the English language.
dardav 1
take the "F" off
Ivan Cholakov 1
marketing gimmick
If true, a brilliant one, at least for Cathay Pacific
Ivan Blakely 1
No one could give an "F"
Mike Williams 1
If a mistake is made like THAT what mistake was missed?
I'm not at all surprised after seeing the lack of excellence when it comes to so many things these days...and don't EVEN get me started on the ignorance and illiteracy one sees at social sites with the comments and even with the writing/lack of or lousy proofreading of articles put out by various news outlets.
MultiComm 1
It’s because people are so used to spellcheck, autocorrect and sites like grammerly that when that resource is not available they can’t write for themselves.
jmilleratp 0
Maybe it was a bungled attempt to honor Passaic, New Jersey? ;-)
terry malone -6
Be careful. After all, this is a CNN story. May be true, may not be true. Fake News.
Leo Aubry 3
would you say the same of Fox ?
terry malone -5
patrick baker 0
i am enjoying all the serious comments about this classic spoof and attention getter. We are not talking about the safety of the aircraft, the competence of the flight crews,- nothing really vital. This could be the airline's riff on the "Name Change " of International House of Pancakes into some burger shack- free publicity and manufactured outrage.
pagheca 0
there are a lot of very interesting studies about typos and the difficulty to find them due to our amazing capabilities to interpret reality. Experts on that will write a paper just on this.
AWAAlum 1
Many years ago, I worked at an advertising agency. The proofreaders had a foolproof method: 1. Read through for content and continuity 2. Read through backwards, forcing you to read on a word level.
It works beautifully.
Faisal Nahian 0
Could be a marketing strategy. You just never know!
Gary Moore -6
Considering CNN is so full of fake news and blatant B.S., I was thinking this may be more of the same....LOL!
BuddyCox -1
Would you have noticed the mistake if you wrote in Manderine?
Richard Loven -1
Everything is done by computer of course. They used Pacific and the spell checker printed Paciic. Nobody caught the error.
AWAAlum 1
So, why would spell check pick up a correctly spelled word and misspell it?
Steven Morley -1
Cathay is all out of F**ks to give.
Nathan Cox -3
How do we know this isn’t a photoshop?

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sharon bias -8
Well, if they can't get their name spelled correctly, and no one caught it until the plane was on display, it does make one wonder how really important things, like aircraft maintenance, are handled. This was a mistake that shouldn't have left the hanger.
Franky16 14
So even the best of us have spelling mis-haps - I'm sure you know how to spell hangar as it relates to aircraft..
Ivan Blakely 3
Couldn't agree more ... even the best can include the occasional hyphen in-appropriately. :-)
sparkie624 3
I noticed that earlier... But didn't want to bring it out..
aarondmorley 4
Suppose you as an English speaker/reader worked in the aircraft engineering field.

Now you would likely perform engineering to an exceptional standard.

Now suppose you worked in decoration and were asked for example to apply the Arabic writing to an Emirates, Qatar or Etihad aircraft, or the Chinese characters to a Chinese airline or any other aircraft requiring words from a language you don’t speak, let alone read or write... The likelyhood of you making what seems an ‘obvious’ error to someone who does read those words is massively increased.

The other thing you need to understand is that a word written in any language in a four foot tall font does not look even look like that word when you are one foot away. Couple that with the fact that you’re actually looking at the word in the form of parts of a character spanned across multiple pieces of a stencil and you’ll certainly not notice the error.
AWAAlum 1
Makes me wonder why the stencil wouldn't be the entire word rather than individual letters. That way, no spelling problems, no language problems, no spacing problems, etc. Slap that puppy on and get to painting.
aarondmorley 1
Because it would be all but impossible to handle a single stencil that large! Painting masks are always arranged out of manageable sized pieces assembled into the pattern on the object. Consider the money and effort wasted if a single large sencil is stretched out of proportion or torn in application and the whole thing needs to be scrapped and cut again.

This is the first large case of a ‘typographical’ error on an aircraft witnessed in a long time, clearly the existing systems work in nearly every case.
Torsten Hoff 1
Well reasoned, Aaron.
John Milbank 2
Take care. I think you meant hangar.


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