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Airbus is winning the single aisle battle

As we all watch carefully while Boeing takes its deliberate steps towards unveiling its NMA, it is useful to see how the market has been behaving. Markets are not waiting for Boeing it seems, despite we may be hearing. Fleet decisions are choices made that are lived with for 20 years. ( 更多...

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Mike Boote 3
Perhaps they need Harry Stonecipher back
Mike Boote 3
Boeing, that is.
canuck44 4
Manufacturers often have in contracts that customers can upgrade to an improved or larger model without penalty. Thus the more aircraft Airbus is able to "sell" the more likely airlines will opt for improved models before the initial contract is completed rather than venturing into a whole new line with the competitor.
Dubslow 5
I've been saying for years, but Boeing opting to do the 737MAX, instead of a new cleansheet design to cover *both* the 150 seat market and NMA market, was a major strategic mistake. I made this claim even right when they announced the MAX choice, and boy has the market proven me right

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Cansojr 0
Why don't you get one instead of hassling us with your inane drivel. Most of the participants are involved in this industry make comments and suggestions that are related to this massive global enterprise. Instead you say rude things; for example the statement you made above was slanderous and mean spirited. I am not trying to be cruel but you need a different hobby...only not here.
This is absolutely true. Airbus' A320 design is newer than the 737 and they were first to deliver. The A321 has been a big success with the lack of a true 757 replacement. However, with the 787 and 777x, Boeing is winning the wide-body battle. It's too bad there's no third competitor though -- it seems there is plenty of room to innovate.


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