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What are "Sustainable Aviation Fuels"?

This is a question for the much more knowledgeable posters in the group. I was browsing around the SeaTac Airport site and stumbled on a news release about SEA moving to sustainable aviation fuels over the next few decades to reduce CO2 and particulate matter. "...the Commission called for a minimum of 10 percent of available jet fuel to be produced locally from sustainable sources within ten years, increasing to 50 percent by 2050." Are we talking about corn derived ethanol additives?… ( 更多...

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All current aviation fuel is sustainable. There is no danger of running out of fossil fuels. The Earth powered by the Sun has been in continuous production for billions of years. I will not stop producing fossil fuels no matter what humans do. The Earth will not be a better place with less CO2 and other emissions. What will improve is the pocketbook of the "environmental cult" that has filled idiot politicians with happiness.

The stone age did not end because we were out of stones. It ended because there are alternatives to stones. Aircraft fuels will change when there are economic alternatives.

We need to stop these nut cases that blame human activity for imagined consequences promoted by a bunch of fake scientists.
canuck44 2
If you follow the link within this piece, it becomes obvious that this a group of Greenies who intend to use legislation to replace market forces much as they did in Seattle with their $15 minimum wage. By "sustainable" they are really meaning biofuels with the caveat that they be produced locally.

If you remember the last federal administration has used the taxpayer for this scam signing us up for jet biofuel for the US Navy which purchased 450,000 gallons at $15 per gallon or nine times the market price...but then it was only the taxpayer and the guy producing it was a friend of the administration.

Now they intend to pass this cost to the airlines (passengers). Unless they can get the cost down, the result will be for airlines to jack up prices for those forced to go to SEA but will have a tough time competing with traffic that can bypass using alternatives.
linbb 1
Its something that cannot be done the way things are now and doesn't look any better later on.
Any time it takes as much fuel to produce the same amount as is sold the math doesn't work. Cost will shut down most of the airlines due to people not being able to afford tickets. The trickle down will cost the entire economy dearly.
Big problem is people buy into this and don't understand what the whole process is start to finish until its upon them then its oh no.
One item is wind power, without tax payers help there would be none and not too much different than solar.
I agree. But you have to remember that pot has been legal in WA for a couple of years now. Just saying by way of explanation. Why not airplanes powered by the wind? If they just fly fast enough the wind turbines to be installed on the wings will generate enough electricity to power them in flight. It's gotta work.
The Environmental Nazis are at it again. If you want to look at a "sustainable" screw up, just look at the Province of Ontario and its' wind power fiasco.


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