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USAF Now Authorized To Recall 1000 Pilots -- A Retired AF Pilot Turned Airline Captain Provides Analysis

The Air Force has a pilot problem. It doesn’t have enough. The service says that the problem is reaching “crisis” levels with a current shortage of 1500 pilots. Having exhausted all means to convince their current pilot force to remain in the service, and unable to increase the number of new pilots produced, the Air Force appealed to the President to revise an executive order allowing for the recall of up to 1000 retired pilots to active duty. President Trump signed this order last Friday… ( 更多...

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bentwing60 1
"The complaints about the service being made today echo not only those I heard back in the 1980s, but also those of Joseph Heller’s Yossarian voiced in Catch 22". So if you read to this point in his blog, you would get that he is dead on if you are truly in the business. Even the 135 small freight stuff that put me and a bunch of others in a seat in corporate (I use the term loosely) or airline career positions is either gone or in a niche market. No pilot source there. And the millenials and it on a computer. But, I have a few nits to pick with the author. Those of us that didn't have a 1 Million dollar training budget "per man" worked on and washed airplanes to occupy the seat we got to. And nobody I flew with back then applied at Delta. Most are with AA or SWA or retired. The deployed, shootin part is what was agreed to by accepting the training money to get that airline job. I'd have picked the same airplane! They wouldn't take me! All I "got" early on was a Lear. And I'd say very few on this site know what an Early Lear really was anymore.
Randall Kimm 0
So you started "All I 'got' was a Lear". Did you ever bust your hump pushing and pulling aircraft to be cleaned and fueled from dawn till dark. My first real seat was in the right seat of a Beech 200. NO complaints cause I never looked back.


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