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The MD-11 Replacement

The cargo market has shown below forecasted growth rates for some years after the global economic crisis. This below-expected growth rate has put pressure on shipping via sea and air. For jet maker Boeing (NYSE:BA), this has resulted in having to lower its production on the Boeing 747 program, with the possibility of having to kill it sooner or later. In this article, I want to have a look at how many McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft are still flying around and when most aircraft are up for… ( 更多...

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That was a good article. But my question is why would they keep an aircraft for that long (At least under 40 years). Sure with proper matniance will keep the airframe flying, but that has to cost a crap ton of money right? And with the out of production aircrafts still flying, especially for freighters, you have to think the value of each part of the aircraft itself.

Other than that I agree what he said in the article. But judging by value, I think they might replace them a little earlier than 2024.


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