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BA manager in hot water after slamming airline with online rant claiming staff are ‘treated like slaves’ and ‘led up the garden path’ by bosses

A BRITISH Airways manager is in hot water after mocking the firm in an online thread read by the entire company. Dave Middleton faces a grilling after attacking BA over the uncertain future of its call centre in Newcastle. In an extraordinary diatribe, he told how airline staff are being “treated as a slave” and executive bosses are leading staff “up the garden path”... ( 更多...

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joel wiley 4
What a surprise, call center 'resources to be managed' are no happier than the walk-on cargo 'resources' at their treatment.
The names change but the institutional milieu is remarkably consistent across many industries.

Translating management jargon into plain English has never been beneficial to one's promotional prospects.
Sam Johnson 2
This has been going on since the only thing of importance to upper management is the bottom line. Nobody thinks of the long term effects on the worker bees or the customers. And we all know how successful that has been for the US auto industry. The US government had to lend them a fortune so now we have Government Motors and somehow Chrysler was given to Fiat. Ford had enough money to keep themselves going and start making what the public wanted all along.
At least there is a vehicle within the organisation for staff (or "resources") to express their frustrations. The most important part of ANY change process is to ensure communication. Ignore the "mushrooms" and they will bite back.

With the "race to the bottom" between airlines, there is always a search for cheaper options. I'd like to see the final balance sheet for BA's "outsource savings from the IT move" versus "lost of business and goodwill from the total IT failure".

I stopped using BA years ago.


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