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Luxury Terminal at LAX

Only at LAX, we would expect a luxury terminal for the wealthy as well as Hollywood celebrities. Membership is $7,500 per year plus fees for every flight up to four people per entourage; $2,700 for a domestic flight and $3,000 for an international flight. ( More...

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canuck44 17 normal individuals can fly without the nauseating sight of "celebrities" just barely bright enough to read lines written by others and their "entourages" of the human equivalent of pet Yorkies. When they reach the next tier they can fly private jets and lecture us on the evils of CO2 and why we should change our lifestyle to protect the planet.
Ric Wernicke 4
LAX has long fielded special treatment for high profile passengers under the guise "preventing disruption to normal terminal operations." Usually waiting in airline private areas and shuttled across the apron to the jetway stairs and ushered in just prior to door closing.

This new "terminal" is just a way for the airport to make a profit from what not only celebrities, but also the publicly unknown wealthy are willing to pay to avoid the shuffle through the TSA's meandering path to the gate.

There may be warm macaroons and nice furnishings, but the members are really paying the price for their privacy.

I just wish the civility of the 1960's would return to air travel. I never saw a minute of the bad behavior that I see today in airports around the USA. A little respect between passengers would go a long way to returning the fun to travel.
Dave Fisher 3
"I just wish the civility of the 1960's would return to air travel. I never saw a minute of the bad behavior that I see today"
well, in the 60's, airlines treated passengers as valued customers not self-loading luggage. they didn't cram people into tiny seats with no leg room like sardines. they didn't charge for luggage, food and beverages. flying is so stressful now, it's a wonder there aren't more altercations between passengers and/or crew.
Yeah, let' make those that feel privileged feel even more privileged so they can look down on us 'underprivileged' folks even more and feel even more smug and even more superior. After all, they're celebrities and we're not so they deserve to be treated better and made to feel they're better than everyone else.

Well, if they're being separated from the rest of us, good. I think the ones that don't have that attitude should not have to be tainted by those that do have that attitude. We're the ones in touch with reality and should not have to have our lives contaminated by the 'celebrities' any more than we have to.
'hollywoodies" are already treated differently than other passengers by the commercial airlines,if they fly commercial..many of the more famous with money, own or lease private jets, so they dont deal with the public or airline personnel..i am guessing that at lax the admirals club,presidents club or the new american express lounges are not "luxurious" enough for these people,so they need an entire terminal to themselves??
Ed Merriam 3
now Harrison Ford, on the other hand ...
canuck44 9
His lounge was built next to the taxiway so after landing on it he won't have to walk.
They have a private suite of their own already.. It's called Van Nuys airport. :P
rickythepilot 3
Could this reporter be more annoying? She's mocking the rich for using this new private terminal with their own TSA but I guess she's never seen Signature or Atlantic at LAX were you don't even need to go through TSA.
dave mcc 1
I fly a lot, so I'd pay the $7500 just to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful. Plus you can bet your next pay cheque ,that these lounges will be the best of the best.
"Only at LAX" is just that. When they get to their destinations, LAX won't be there to provide them the $7500 treats and their return flights will not originate at LAX.
Matt Lacey 1
MCO has an elevator from the ground floor to the area between the ID/boarding pass check and the scanners. Celebs and sports teams use it, though they still have to do the scanners.
I didn't hear mentioned whether the terminal offered the red carpet at the boarding gate.
Jeff Lawson 1
Here's the website for this terminal, called "The Private Suite":

Interestingly, this seems to be catering to people who can't yet afford to fly private aircraft, but can afford to be traveling first class on commercial airlines plus this additional membership. They do mention preferred pricing on XOJET, but can that experience be that much better than just flying a chartered/private aircraft from a typical FBO like Signature or Atlantic?
Ron Lorenz 0
If you see any elected Offical in their call the cops!

Robert Radeski -6
LAX is owned and run by the City of Los Angeles, disgusting the elite can openly buy special treatment in a government run facility. Those disgusting pandering liberal politicians once again show they're just the same as the conservatives.
This has absolutely nothing to do with "liberal politicians", let alone taking any political side to it. If you haven't realized, McCarran International, North Las Vegas Airport, Henderson Executive Airport, Boulder City Airport, and the Jean Airport are all owned and operated by the Clark County Dept. of Aviation, which helps to operate the entire city of Las Vegas. ANYONE can buy and operate a terminal, let alone a gate or FBO on any public/government owned/operated field. Not that I'm defending the elite (I'm not), but you can easily buy and build a terminal just as easily as any of the "elite". They are citizens and the flying public just as we are.

Yes, this sucks as a commoner versus elite issue, but this has absolutely nothing to do with partisan politics. So you'd be encouraged to drop that opinion.


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