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The Netherlands didn't authorize Turkish foreign minister's plane to land in Rotterdam

The Dutch government announced that Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu's flight permit was revoked amid concerns over public order at the expected large gathering of Turkish expatriates. ( 更多...

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I don't blame him. The current EU is run by 'Nazis' who project that very moniker on their opponents.
Peter Maas -5
People of TURKEY have infiltrated the Netherlands for last 4 Decades.
Now it is a large population of TURKS demonstrating to gain more from the Dutch Government. Elections are now over and TURKS are demonstrating. The Turkey's Jet was refused to land in Rotterdam. perhaps IT WAS TO GAIN MORE POWER AND EVENTIULY THE NETHERLANDS WOULD NO LONGER BE RECOGNIZED AS A DUTCH NATION AND WOODEN SHOES WOULD BE REPLACED WITH CAMELS. Germany is going through the same thing with Syria. Both Netherlands and Germany want to keep their ethic race intact and not watered down with other races and take care of their citizens first.


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