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Complaint Made Over Airline's Weighing Passengers for Safety Reasons

A pair of American Samoan businessmen have filed complaints to the US Transportation Department over claims they were weighed before they boarded a flight from Honolulu – and assigned specific seats to keep the aircraft’s load evenly distributed. ( 更多...

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>> Radio New Zealand also pointed out that a Boeing 767-300, used on the Honolulu-Pago Pago route, can safely fly 269 passengers a distance of 11,000km, while the distance between the two cities is just 4,176km.

>> "Hawaiian is saying that it is a safety issue,” said Mr Haleck said, "so have we been flying unsafe for all these years?”

Flight range / endurance has nothing to do with the reason behind the policy. Someone needs to give them a physics lesson and explain the concept of a CG.
Mike Mohle 2
Indeed. Also, massive passengers (like the guy in the middle who smashed me into the window last week) MUST pay for 2 seats when required due to their girth.

I noticed SWA is doing counts is Front/Mid/Rear "zones" before departure, and moving people around if needed.
Roy Hunte 3
Lose weight if you don't want to be weighed, simple.
linbb 1
Pair of entitled probably very overweight people. Also stupid news quotes from idiots.


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