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Inside Bombardier CSeries' Final Assembly Line

During the handover ceremony of the first CSeries to SWISS, Airways was invited to a brief tour at the jetliner’s Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Mirabel. ( 更多...

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I don't know much about A/C production but bear in mind that Bombardier, before getting involved in aviation, was(and still is) an important manufacturer of railway and subway vehicles. They have also purchase a lot of aviation companies with expertise beginning with Canadair (CL-215) in 1986, Short Brothers in 1989, Learjet in 1990 and finally, De Havilland from Boeing in 1992. A lot of people with aviation production background just waiting for some new finances.
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”Onboard the SWISS CSeries Inaugural Revenue Flight”

Big well done article.
Fascinating, and thank-you for the article. How does a company jump from making snow vehicles to producing small to medium range regional aircraft inside of a generation? I know Bombardier acquired several business jet producing companies, but it seems to me that it is a daunting leap from those to the CS100 series of aircraft. The same is true of Airbus Industries, who started out at zero and now make the largest passenger aircraft in regular service. I hope to be asking the right questions, but I know so little about the entire process that I am not even certain to whom I should address such questions. I understand how companies like Boeing are able to incrementally grow, but those other companies have literally bloomed overnight, and I just do not understand how they are able to pull off such a giant leap so quickly. I would earnestly like to hear from one of our readers who intimately knows this business, but is also able to dummy down his answer for people like me. Thank-you ahead of time.
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Well done Chris.
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