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Inside The World's Largest Airline Owned Maintenance Base: American Airlines Tulsa

Inside American's Tulsa Engineering Center, the world's largest airline maintenance base, as it faces challenges and opportunities as AA renews its fleet and completes merger with US Airways. ( More...

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preacher1 4
You have to wonder in a way, what with mx and Sabre up there, and an MD plant on the airport, that TUL wasn't chosen for the HQ when it was built. With the devaluation of China's money this morning, things won't be quite so cheap over there anymore and at some point and time, they might bring the 777's back home. As the story said, the announcement has not been made on the Buses yet but TUL is obvious. With the retirement of the mad dogs, that will open up space for work without having to expand it and I personally think before anything was ever done to it as far as a shutdown, major layoffs, or such, that they would go outside first. There is also the question of US's center at Pittsburg. If it is based on cost, those folks may be crying or looking at moving to Oklahoma. I do know of one 135/91 company that they did and still do heavy work for that was not owned by them but they only got 3 planes.
josh homer 2
I read a book about AA's history 20 years ago, so my memory might be foggy here. CR Smith saw greater potential at Great Southwest Airport since the DFW area was a bit of an untapped market other than Love. Local government was also giving him a good deal. He also wanted the land where the Learning Center and SOC but his buddy refused to sell. During a poker game he convinced his (drunk) buddy to bet the land on a poker hand. CR won with 3 aces. The rest is history lol.
preacher1 1
Not sure about the book but Jim Wright was the best thing that ever happened to North Texas, what with DFW and all. That was not an overnight success but it had a majority backing and eventually wound up killing Love field and allowing for the startup of a little thing called Southwest Airlines. To say that American grew with it is an understatement and while assets were at TUL, DFW mad senses as a hub and nice place to live.
preacher1 1
I might add that there are bound to be people in the area that don't agree with my opinion of Mr. Wright. That said, he did what was needed for his district to prosper.
Jim Quinn 2
There was many a time when I was flying 48 weeks a year that I muttered Jim Wright's name under my breath as I hopped, skipped and jumped from Southwest flight to Southwest flight, or when I had to change planes, claim my baggage, check right back in for another flight and check my baggage (demo equipment), miss the next flight to my destination, then board the following flight to my destination. I am convinced that AA bribed Jim Wright who was the Speaker of the House in order to try to strangle Southwest. My personal opinion, of course, but I think Jim Wright was one crooked SOB.
preacher1 1
He was, no doubt, but he used his power for his district, which is more than you can say for what is up there today.
nodakquinn 2
"One aircraft, the newest 767-300ER at 11 years old, in AA’s fleet has only 46,000 hours on it. Remarkably it is still flying with 1 of its original engines."
David Stark 1
Interesting article, although it could have used a once-over by a copyeditor before publication.
Chris Sloan 1
I am a native Tulsa too - and had only been there once for of all things, a birthday party, when I was 8. I am glad you enjoyed the post.
joel wiley 1
Maybe they can fit in a couple 734 C Checks for the US Marshall service
Peter Blouin 1
There are two photos in this photo library that are incorrectly identified. The photo caption ID's the engine as a P&W JT9D 707 Engine... It is actually a GE CJ-805 engine which was used on AA's Smokey Convair 990's.
Chris Sloan 1
AA says they no longer undertake any maintenance for non-AA customers.
I woked for aa for many years and never had the opportunity to tour the maintenance base..i do know that it has brought economic growth to the Tulsa area,and when the merger was in the works,all of the layoff talks and cut backs were worrisome to seems to me that Tulsa was a good choice for a maintenance facility because of its fairly centralized location,and that was long before dfw was americans headquarters..
Jim Quinn 1
Yes, Sir. I agree.
Peter Lisker 1
Great to read the story. Kudos to the amazing professionals that make flying so safe.
edgeair 1
As a native Tulsan, I have driven by the MX base more times than I can count, but I have never been inside. This is a really cool look at what is going on inside.
Muchits 1
So the article creates it's own idea of a mx base and excludes MRO's. Delta Tech Ops is the largest MRO in North America.
preacher1 1
It doesn't create an idea of what it ought to be. It is what it is and has been so since back in the day. Tech Ops and the others mentioned, do outside work for other companies. TUL is wholly owned and works strictly for AAL.
Michael Kraft 1
There was a documentary about AA that aired on CNBC a while back that shows AA working on other companies MD-80s in TUL. Maybe they don't do this anymore though.


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