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Philadelphia Inquirer Examination of Fatal Gulfstream Crash that Killed Paper's Owner

A very thorough examination of the cockpit design flaws that led to the crash that claimed the lives of all on board, including the paper's owner. Detailed reporting that explains how one design flaw led to a cascade of bad decisions that doomed the plan, and all in an instant, before the plane left the ground. Interesting assessments by other pilots. BTW, terrific cockpit and throttle graphics that help explain to the lay reader how this could have happened, on a high-end aircraft with… ( 更多...

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preacher1 1
I notice that there is a lot of quote from 121 pilots. While no excuse and clearly pilot error in the true sense, 135/91 pilots in most case are on the same plane most of the time and, yes, complacency can set in if you are not careful, particularly on redundant items like the checklist. I would just venture a guess that as familiarity with an airplane increases, the more it is going to be like slipping behind the same desk in the morning, doing the same thing you did yesterday. That said, even familiar items should be gone thru on a regular basis, to make sure nothing has changed. There are always AD's and MEL's to get one's attention and draw it to the instrument & control checklists.


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