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(Cockpit video) TBM Avenger emergency landing

TBM Avenger participating in the V-E Day flyover experiences smoke in the cockpit and makes an emergency landing at KDCA. ( 更多...

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bbabis 4
Very well done! Getting the chance to critique afterward is always a blessing. It makes me wonder how many of our "Greatest generation" may have worked their problem(s) to perfection but never got the chance to critique.
Bernie20910 4
He done good. As we used to say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu.
linbb 2
Did his pilot thing as some say fly it until it stops. That has saved many a good pilot.
Even Clayton Scott from Seattle as he told me one day several years ago after putting his
Beaver in up in Alaska. Flew it between the trees until it stopped and then got out.
mike SUT 3
Great outcome for a possibly bad situation. Aviate, Navigate,'s a video showing the 3 principles to a safe outcome to what could have been a real smoking hole. Not only did he brief everyone involved prior to flight but when it did go wrong, he did everything right, calmly, professionally, and right. Nice Job!
I haven't seen this video since Josh edited it, but it's important to note that what he was seeing wasn't smoke, but vaporized hydraulic fluid. A line split at a 90° bend that has 1,500 PSI on it and the force was so strong that it instantly vaporized creating the appearance of smoke. Josh did an amazing job getting it on the deck as quickly and safely as possible...even for an Air Force pilot ;)
Rob Spencer 2
Outstanding pilot ! . . . saved a wonderful "old girl" !
Russ Brown 2
I watched this flight pass by my vantage point on the ground near Chain Bridge on the Virginia side of the Potomac. It was glorious! I had not known of the emergency before watching this video. I can't express my respect and admiration for all the participants - words fail.


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