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Boeing parks two American Airlines 787s in desert as it waits on delayed seat delivery

Boeing is reluctantly storing two new 787 Dreamliners in the California desert as it waits for French seat maker Zodiac Aerospace to catch up with delivery of its high-end seats. ( 更多...

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Ron Nash 1
Hey, what's with this stupid delay just because of seats not being available? Just forget this 1St class stuff; fill 'em up with some cheap, narrow, uncomfortable Chinese chairs from an outdoor setting from Walmart, and the tightwadS will be able to complain all they like - but they'll have their cheap fares that they can brag about to anyone they meet!
Best of all, the Chinese will be able to meet the production timetable with ease by roping in a few more paddy field peasants for assembly.
It'll be a shame about the quality and lifespan of the chairs, but hey! - airline management will be able to brag about regular renewal of interior fittings!
Telepilot 1
C'mon Ric, let's not be silly! We both know they used camping chairs to ferry those aircraft. 😜
Desert camo fabric no doubt.
Ron Nash 1
Look - if wicker chairs were good enough for PAA pax, why does AA need plush seats??
Stop it with the excuses of how complicated the seat is to make. The problem is the French work ethic. 34 hours per week, with 44 (count 'em folks) holidays, and six weeks vacation it's no wonder there is no place to sit.

Doug Parker would do well to have his seats made in America, have them made right, have longer MTBF, and perhaps an American could feed a family.

It is not like the work order was let last week. Everyone else made everything from windshield wipers to tail cone on time. I pity the poor pilots that had to fly all the way from Boeing field to Mojave standing up.


還沒有帳戶嗎? 現在就註冊(免費),設置諸多客制化功能、航班提醒等等!