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Where Were the Fire Trucks? Hall of Fame Stunt Pilot's Family Sues Air Force Looking For Answers

Eddie Andreini survives air show accident, struggles to get out of his aircraft, burns to death waiting for fire trucks ( More...

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W J 4
So sad. I'd worked with Eddie many times and he was truly one of the best. He was a great guy and never hesitated to stop and talk to folks at shows. He also allowed people to get up close and personal with his beautiful birds - One of the reasons people go to shows to begin with. I wasn't there at that show and I've got no dog in the fight but watching the videos as it unfolded, it sure does leave a lot of questions. Hopefully the family can get some closure. RIP Eddie!
sharon bias 3
There is some video from news stations and individuals, and you can see Eddie trying to escape. The Air Force / event planners screwed this one up. Come clean and pay up. Let the family have peace.
michadm1 2
Obviously from eyewitness accounts people watching wanted to help. The Air Boss could see the area really good and see no help was arriving quickly. Seconds count and maybe if someone got out there, Eddie could have been saved. We are all Monday Morning quarterbacking and will have to wait and see how it plays out in court. Justice needs to prevail in this case and in Eddie's honor make sure al the necessary safety equipment is ready at all airshows.
Robert Lewis 1
The Air Farce strikes again. This is just so typical. I think the brass must get special training on techniques for ignoring the law. I worked for the AF for 26 years. They did the same thing to me when I had a legitimate (according to my lawyer) personnel complaint. I've always said that if such a large organization as one of the military branches can be said to have a personality, the Air Farce has one, and it is arrogant. I never wish the regular troops any ill will, but every general that gets his you-know-what in a ringer makes me just smile.
17dec1903 1
The points raised in this article certainly raise eyebrows, but the article itself seems to be written by the family's lawyer. Do you really trust the family lawyer to represent the "facts" impartially? I'm not condoning any actions by the USAF, but I would certainly not rely solely on this article to present the "truth."
linbb 3
Saw the original video and was quite take by the slow response to the accident. Someone needs to be held accountable for the whole thing as its not some scum bag lawyer trying to make a dime. All is on video time and response should be an easy case and very hard for the Air Force to defend.


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