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FAA Inspector gets caught with loaded gun in bag

Can't believe the lack of judgement on this individual's part. This kind of stuff could get someone.....promoted in the gov. ( 更多...

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There can always be some wrong people on the right side of law. Important is to weed them out as soon as possible.
Screening at 100% is not possible ANY WHERE.
linbb 2
Ok don't really know what you are getting at again but here is my take on TSA checks due to my recent and first time going down the line. I was told no aerosol cans over 2oz at my first check but my over 3.4 partial tube of toothpaste due to the fact it was not full is ok. Going home was told that 3.4oz aerosol can was ok but the tube was not due to the fact it was too big even half empty. If they cannot get small things right nothing about them surprises me. Very sloppy work by the TSA.


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