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The hazards of a free press.

787 engine has unidentified issues over Atlantic. Check Crew shuts down said engine and descends to a lower altitude. Check Crew diverts to closest airport as a precautionary measure. Check All crew and passengers safe. Check Media gets wind of story and spins it into an unrecognizable event of mass hysteria. Check Media posts photo of a totally unrelated aircraft model. Check News room pats themselves on the back, overjoyed that they have saved the world from an unsafe aircraft that self… ( 更多...

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josh homer 5
John your summary is spot on. Today's media is a joke.
"Watch the news tonight at 11pm or you will die!"
Wow! Descended at a whole 500 feet per minute. That must have been like a roller coaster ride, I don't think. A low altitude or a lower altitude, facts facts facts.

Double reverse thrust on one engine??? What on earth is that? Are one engine landings even permitted to use reverse thrust?

I gather the press in the USA can hide behind the constitution when they print fairy stories as if they are fact. I like the ones about the British Royal Family. Dutchess of Cambridge is pregnant. DoC is pregnant with twins. ... Hang on folks, what are we going to do when 9 months is up ,,,, DoC distraught at miscarraige.

Give us a break.
joel wiley 2
What do you expect? It's about entertaining and not informing. Today's 'news' programs are competing for advertizing dollars- competing with 500 cable channels with everything from XXX sex to TV reruns from the 50's and 60's. Of course, you need also to consider the piss poor protoplasm of an audience.


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