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Heated Exchange Between Pilot & Air Traffic Controller Leads To Investigation

Announcer says pilot landed on wrong runway, conversation reveals Delta is taxing out to wrong runway. ( 更多...

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Somebody's in trouble.

I listened to the exchange and I don't really understand why the pilot erupted. The atc was calm, doing his job, and informing the pilot he had taxied out to the wrong taxiway. He didn't do it with volume, an attitude, or put the pilot down with his tone of voice or choice of words. The pilot must have just been having a really bad day and let it get to him. Either that or he's one of those pilots that thinks he can walk on water and no one better tell him he can't. I'm siding with the atc on this one.
matt jensen 2
Sorry - when did the pilot land on the wrong runway?
mfbutzin 1
Pilot did not land ,but was taxing out to the wrong runway. The announcer got it wrong.
mfbutzin 1
Mea Culpa The headline changed and the story as it was was the same. Leave it to Yahoo, and the duplicate story detector here at Flight Tracker did not pick it up.
I thought about this being a duplicate. Two days ago was the incident, now it's a story about an investigation of the incident. That may be why it was allowed after a post of the original story.
Max Perry 0
Seriously, this was reported on here at least 2 days ago !!!


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