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Report faults police response to Los Angeles airport shooting

A review of a deadly shooting that killed a federal security officer at Los Angeles International Airport in November faulted law enforcement agencies for communication lapses during the initial response, a report showed on Tuesday. While praising the heroism of individual officers, the report by Los Angeles World Airports said communications were cumbersome because radio systems used by airport police were largely incompatible with those used by other agencies. ( 更多...

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One thing I heard on a national news program was that LAX spend several million dollars on a communication system after 9/11, and it completely failed. So just a shout-out to those folks for yet again pissing away taxpayer money.
joel wiley 1
According to the report, a centralized command center was online 45 minutes after the start of the incident. The shooter was down 6 minutes after he started shooting. The report (see below) points up the lack of coordination in the command structure.

It would be better to run drills to smooth the rough edges and to be familiar with all the players beforehand than to run it as a first-time live-fire exercise.

Maybe they will learn from this and plan better... then again, maybe not.
LAX hires cops straight from the mall, pays them all executive level money, then wonders why they cannot perform under pressure.

The toughest pressure they face is a captain lording over them to write more parking tickets or face working on Thanksgiving.


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