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FAA to order safety checks on 400 Boeing 767 jets

U.S. aviation regulators plan to order safety checks of more than 400 Boeing Co 767 jets because of movable tail sections that may jam and possibly cause some pilots to lose control of the aircraft, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday. An order by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), set for publication in Monday's Federal register, calls for beefed up inspections of a flight control mechanism, known as an "elevator," which helps planes climb and… ( 更多...

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preacher1 2
Another example of efficiency by our illustrious government: Discovered in 2000, Boeing issued a permanent fix a good while back and most have been done awhile; now, the FAA issues a permanent AD, not implemented until March on about 400 birds, out of over a thousand manufactured and most still flying. And let's see, they started flying in the early 80's, and they just first identified it in 2000 and no fatal accidents. Our tax $ at work.
canuck44 1
..and if I read this correctly, they have six years to get it done. Delta and United have shed their 200's as has Air Canada. Chances are that these airlines along with American and US Air have already completed the upgrades.
preacher1 2
You read it correctly. Ours is a 200 but new, and the correction was made by Boeing before delivery. I guess they have to do something to make the non flying public think that they are doing something. Yeah, a few elevators jammed, that caused a few anxious moments but nothing major. Kinda like that fuel venting the other day. Mountain out of a molehill. At some point and time in their careers, pilots train for all that crap. Not that it is fun but most stuff can be handled.


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