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Raw to Ready: The Making of a Passenger Jet (Bombardier)

With an average of one take-off every three seconds, short-range regional jets are the backbone of domestic air travel. To withstand this high volume of flights, these jets need to be comfortable, durable, and fuel efficient, just like the Bomardier CRJ-1000. Raw materials come together to make these planes succeed in the mission to provide safe, comfortable and affordable travel to the one hundred passengers on each flight. Premieres November 6, 2013. Check Local Listings to see when it's… ( 更多...

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preacher1 2
I guess I missed it. Best I can tell that was last night
PhotoFinish 1
That was the first showing. These shows often enter a rotation after that, and you should be able to catch it on tv. Check your local pbs listings.

If you'd like to watch it earlier, looks like they've added the full episode to their online videos:
PhotoFinish 1
Here's the Raw to Ready website to check out other episodes or to look up your local listings:
mcayer 1
I watched part of it and figured I could watch it on PBS at another time. I was very disappointed whe I found out that because I am in Canada, I was refused the right to view the video. Ironic how the Bombardier plant in this video is 15 minutes form my house and I can't wathc the darn video. Can someone please share it on YouTube so that I can watch it.


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preacher1 1
Haven't flown it. Flew a bunch of 200's on fill in after I retired and have had a 200, fully modified, since last December and never had trouble. There are a whole bunch of 7 and 900's out there. Maybe they just stretched to far with this one if it is a POS. idk.


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