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NTSB crash investigator urges stall training for pilots

NTSB crash investigator urged a conference of aviation safety officials Tuesday Oct. 29 to better train pilots to avoid stubborn problems such as stalls. Earl Weener, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, recalled four separate fatal crashes over the past two decades that he said involved stalls, with pilots basically pulling the plane’s nose up too much until the aircraft fell to the ground. ( More...

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you can read the same exact article here:
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Well, 4 crashes in 20 years is 4 too many, BUT, regardless of how much training, human reflex anytime you are falling is to try and grab something and catch yourself and basic stall recovery is one of those things that must be learned, as it is exactly opposite of that reflex. That said, high altitude stalls might need some brush up, or at least something to get the pilot over the startle of getting the aircraft handed to them at FL? no notice.


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