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Two Pilots Fired After Brazilian Pop Star Takes Captain's Seat Mid-Flight

A Brazilian pop star who calls himself Latino has put TAM Airlines in the hot seat after he was allegedly invited to sit in the captain's chair during a cross-country flight from Recife to Rio de Janeiro. Pictures of the singer in the cockpit of an Airbus A320-200 were circulated on Instagram and posted to the musician's website the day after the incident, but were later removed. ( 更多...

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Years ago on a Mexicana flight from Panama City, Panama to Mexico City in a DC-8 I asked for a visit to the flight deck. Upon seeing my then new Comm SEL with Instrument Rating certificate I got to go up front. After sitting in the jump seat for a while the Captain got up to take a leak. I asked him if it was OK to sit in his seat for a while. He hesitated then said OK. The autopilot was on and after a while I asked the first officer if I could hand fly for a while. He shut the autopilot off and I hand flew the DC-8 all the way to an approach to Mexico City. One of the most memorable things I have done.
What is all the shouting about? Anybody who has seen Airport 1975 knows that even a flight attendant can fly the plane.
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No safety risk here. We need a common sense approach to things like this... Not a politically correct one. PC is killing our country, our communication, and the way we raise our now entitled fearless disrespectful children. Back not too long go cockpit visits were normal.. They never hurt anyone. No one should have lost their jobs over this. We are letting the terrorists win.
Aeroflot flight 593. If you need another reason why this is a bad idea, just let me know.
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Little bit of difference with kids and a grown man. Still like Dan A. A little common sense would go a long way. I guess rules is rules but this does seem a little harsh for what started as good will.
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Plumb Stupid


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