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Flying Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer's Cirrus SR22 was involved in a midair collision

All OK after Flying Editor's Cirrus SR22 in Midair Read more at ( 更多...

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The title of this article is a gross error. Goyer only owns a fractional share and this plane is based at his home airport in Texas, so it's the one he uses most often. He was not the pilot on this flight, nor was he even in the plane when the mid-air occurred.
ric lang 1
I'm interested......Just what exactly is the true story of this misadventure? Was Goyer's a/c truly involved in an accident? What type of accident? Goyer wasn't involved? Who was? You know: Who, Why, When, Where?
Toby Sharp 1
Goyer wasn't at the controls or even present when it happened, it was his business associate
Toby Sharp 1
PlaneSmart outta ADS?
John Hale 2
ok I saw this on my local news since I live just outside of KCLL. They said the whell had come off in flight and went thru the windsheild. Guess it was just another bad report from out media.
Toby Sharp 3
It did......after the two aircraft collided. It didn't randomly fall off and land on the Cirrus.........hogwash
Bill Menzel 1
It appears that as of this writing (1426 CT), the Flying Magazine website is offline.
Toby Sharp 1
They probably realized they pay him way to much money if that is his personal airplane!
dkghac 0
Don't penalize a guy for being successful! You then sound like the folks who like to tax the %$^*! out of those who have earned their own money...
Toby Sharp 1
Very good point sir
You sound like the kind of asshole who sees a child dying of cancer not being able to afford treatments and thinks "should have worked harder." Lowest kind of scum.
@eric Spitter - get a grip. why attack dkghak for their observation? show some frickin respect. you sound like the pot that calls the kettle black......
Because bringing stupid political views into unrelated conversations is stupid. It isn't an observation, it is irrelevant rhetoric that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. If the kettle makes itself look stupid the pot has every right to point it out.
Working from here......
Bill Menzel 2
Might be a local IP problem, then. I get this message when I try to access

Error 403 spam RBL listed IP address (

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Guru Meditation:

XID: 624806352

Varnish cache server
Bill Menzel 1
It was an issue with a VPN that I was using.
HBFlyer 1
They are really lucky to have walked away from this one.
I sure don't know Mr. Goyer, but lets not conclude he was did anything stupid. Hell, our ship of state is
sinking rapidly, and those responsible get paid handsomely for causing it.
How did we get from the subject of a Cirrus accident to "our ship of state is sinking rapidly"?
Because some people are so ignorant that they think their political viewpoints are relevant anywhere there is a place to post them. Oftentimes it turns out the people that speak the loudest have the least intelligence.
apminc 1
Says he that post 3 times...


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