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THE "world's ugliest plane" is about to retire, but where will it go?

Is this the world's ugliest plane? The experimental North American Sabreliner 50 plane has been owned by US company Rockwell Collins since 1976 and has led to innovations that are used in commercial and military avionics today. Only one of its kind was ever built. ( 更多...

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canuck44 1
Too many bodies in the way. Here is better picture:

It is not all that ugly except for the proboscis. Some of the pics in flight show many of the aerodynamic attitudes of the original F-86.
Brian Lager 1
Not the ugliest by a long shot. How about the ugliest Canadian aircraft the Vickers Velos. Designed by a commitee. The Fairey Gannet is a good choice. As is the Italian Stipa Caproni. The list is endless. Most of them make this aircraft a beauty pageant winner.
bentwing60 1
Great old airplanes. Flew 40 & 60 series Sabres in the 80,s and a sweeter flyer you could not find. Piece of cake to hand fly in the 40,s (no rvsm) and you old guys, compare that to flying a LEAR by hand up there! Little bit more of a handful landing with a gusty crosswind, as the mains were very close together. Never flew another airplane that could carry a bucket full of airframe ice and you wouldn't realize how much till you landed and looked. Oddly enough, not a known ice airplane as the leading edge slats precluded wing antiice. Never heard of the 50, but without the proboscis, it could pass for a 40.


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