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Kuwait Airways Finally Wins Iraqi Compensation For Planes Destroyed During 1990 Invasion

Kuwait MPs Tuesday ratified a settlement deal under which Baghdad will pay $500 million for 10 plundered planes. ( More...

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pjshield 5
Does this mean that Kuwait will now offer us some kind of compensation (anything at all would be a start) for the USA bailing their asses out of an invasion 20 years ago? Maybe some reduced cost oil? Naaahhh, not a chance! We'll remain the suckers of the world until we're totally bankrupt and then we'll REALLY be despised.
Tim Smith 2
I wonder if the US will just reimburse Irag for this expense...
John Atherton 2
We already have...!
dg1941 1
Does the navy get compensated for their F/A-18 that was shot down in '91?


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