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Japan Airlines 787 Suffers Another Fuel Spill

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 that suffered a fuel spill in Boston on Wednesday again leaked fuel in Tokyo on Sunday. ( More...

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Scott Campbell 4
People ! relax ... everythings gonna be ok in the end , and if it's not - it's not the end yet..... :)
william baker 2
Amen and nicely said
This said an open fuel valve. Is it a plane problem or human problem?
Torsten Hoff 2
It is the same plane again, it hasn't happened to any other 787, the fuel spilled at the wingtip during de-fueling in preparation for an inspection, with a heightened level of scrutiny and personnel. Occam's Razor suggests it is a malfunction.
rsmath 4
I'm beginning to think Japan Airlines isn't following Boeing maintenance procedures or operational procedures completely as these kinds of things weren't widespread or frequent during Boeing's test flight program.
I know it isn't a gas cap like my pickup but could it be the ground crew's error for not "putting the cap back on" so to speak? I'm not a pilot just an enthusiast but I'm wondering if it isn't the people fueling/defueling that are causing the problem?
Henk Wolsink 1
Does one have to be a pilot to know what is going on? I don't think so!!

I Am A Fueler At Phoenix Sky Harbor Boeing Does Not Use Fuel Caps Any Longer That Is Why There Is A Door On The Fuel Control Panel Area This Leak Is Coming From The APU Area Which Would Be A MX Problem Not A Fueling Problem
ilikerio 2
Bring back the 727s and DC-10s!!!
matt jensen 2
Here, here and the 707's
joel wiley 2
The same thing happened to me at The gas station the other day. My bad, but at least it didn't make the w eb-news.
jim swisher 1
KA-3B's never leaked unless on command. It's either mechanical or mechanic. -Tio Pepe
william baker 1
What I wanna know is out of all the issues that have come up with the 787 over the last few months why the carrier ANA with the largest fleet has dodged most all of them. They have no reports of electrical problems nor fuel issues on there aircraft. Same with Lot or Ethopian if I’m mistaken. Really it’s down to Qatar which has had it’s issue fixed as we’ll as United. Most of these issues seem internal to Japan airlines being it was two of there aircraft if not three and not the 787 like everyone is saying. But I really have to give a hand out to Boeing and the FAA for going over the entire 787 for safety reasons just on the of chance there is something they missed during testing. Good job for keeping safety number 1.

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william baker 1
Amen same thing i said early lol.
dud1 1
Well the A380 Airbus is not looking so bad with the number of issues the Dreamliners (or is that the Nightmareliner)is experiencing. :(
preacher1 1
Somehere in all this, didn't somebody say, at least at Boston, that it was an internal fuel valv of some type, that allowed the fuel to go out a vent tube on the wing, and that it was taxiing out, and spotted by the AC behind them. Am I imagining that or see it somewhere on here???
william baker 1
Lol it was a fuel valve that allowed it to transfer from the center tank to the surge tank and then it over flowed from that tank and it was another valve that was open during testing in Narita
Sounds like they need a plumber!!!
william baker 1
Nice lol didnt see that a coming lol
sparkie624 1
Hope they get if fixed soon.
Sami el refaei 1
Im not a certified pilot but I got experience in flying airplans about this this situation in my thoughts&experience its a human error not 80% in refueling the air craft because if it was a manufacturer error it will appear on all 787 air crafts & 20% electronic system data info error that a warning appear to the pilot that they are on shortage or feul leak but I daute it mostly heuman error
graham lindsay 1
Put back the APU
I am sure Dreamliner will get back to the air with better performance,...Boeing is recently evaluate all electricities system and fueling system as well
matt jensen -2
Same plane as earlier this past week. And, All Nippon had problems with two of it's 787's. I guess Boeing & FAA screwed up by not doing the proper flight tests -
Ricky Scott 2
And you have proof of this where? Thats one serious accusation.
william baker 1
Ricky he's talking about ANA's cracked windshield and computer glitch which led to a brake issue warning which I may add are not uncommon issues. Planes have cracked windows from time to time not just the Boeing 787 look at I think it was the 737 or 757 they had several in a short period of time. And the computer glitch was a common thing to new aircraft but heck the a380 had that issue. This is not a Boeing problem that much anyways I just read a story that all these defective parts have from Utc aerospace corporation and the FAA is looking very hard into there company for answers. Wonder what they shall find!!!
matt jensen -2
Ricky: Direct quote from another pilot " Fido7585 6 days ago

Unfortunately, Boeing has shot itself in the foot with the 787. Badly assembled fuel system components leading to potentially disastrous leaks, batteries bursting into flames - all these faults indicate poor quality control in the assembly of the plane, ineffective quality testing prior to delivery - sure signs that the plane was rushed into service before it was properly sorted. Car manufacturers have been using the public to do its final testing for years, but with aircraft this is not a sensible policy."
Ricky Scott 2
So in other words your stating someone else's opinion as a fact? So How many hours did we test, and how many should be tested. What Engineering certifications and qualifications do you have to make such a judgement?
dud1 2
Rick you ask “What Engineering certifications and qualifications do you have to make such a judgement?” the same can be asked of you. YOU give the impression of have a vested interest by your statements.

You stated “So in other words your stating someone else's opinion as a fact?” does this imply that you have first hand information, facts and knowledge that others do not have?

a) Do you work for Boeing?
b) What makes you such an authority on the 787?
c) Are you part of the 787 team?
d) What are your certification & qualifications?
e) Or it just patriotism?

For the records, I make no claims to notoriety other than having been a Maintenance Production Manager.
matt jensen 1
Experienced operator of multi-engine turboprops (Electras, CV580) and jets (707, KC135 & B52).
matt jensen 1
And forgot my current HC130G
Andrew Taylor 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Japan Airlines review confirms fuel leak from 787

A Japan Airlines' inspection of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner involved in a fuel spill last week at Boston's Logan International Airport confirmed the liquid was leaking from a nozzle on the plane's left wing, a JAL spokesman said Sunday.


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