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Charter Carrier Ryan International Airlines Grounds All Flights, Seeks Liquidation

Ryan International Airlines, a Rockford, Illinois-based charter carrier, on Friday ended flights, laid off all its employees and planned to liquidate its assets. ( More...

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I wouldn't lease my golf cart to a third world airline. On second thought, not to any airline. Lol
I remember seeing tons of these guys flying in and out of KLAS in the late 90s/early 2000s, as they were running chartered flights with nice vacation packages from FunJet Vacations to Vegas. I knew they were in the military contract service with Omni Air International as well, but I didn't know how low things had become for them to be down to only 3 aircraft. My guess is that OAI had a better bid and won, and competition from AAY put the squeeze on RYN to where they couldn't take it anymore.


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