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Pilot & Passenger walk away after CAPS deployment

GOOD training and state-of-the-art equipment saved the lives of two Dubbo men who walked away from a plane crash near Gilgandra. ( 更多...

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Toby Sharp 3 know Cirrus would gobble him up and make him a CAPS promo pilot now. ha! Glad they were both ok
Pilotguyr6 6
Why didn't they try an off airport landing, it looks pretty open around them from what I can see in the picture. I know I wasn't there but its just a thought.
Toby Sharp 3
Sounds like he knew exactly what he was doing. Only has a black eye. May have made a nice off airport landing and saved a nice airplane.....may have made an off airport landing and have a dead pilot and pax.........coin toss
Always good to hear storys like this. I hope I could be that calm about it.
seems like alot of people who have caps find a way to use it.........
Pat Woolley 1
Posted by NSW Volunteer Rescue Assoc. Inc.

The aircraft crash incident near Gilgandra yesterday (21/11/2012) serves as a timely reminder to issue (re-issue) the following Safety Information.

Some civil general aviation aircraft types; ultra-light aircraft; some types of hang gliders and gyrocopters are filled with Rocket-deployed emergency recovery parachutes.
These parachute systems are designed to recover the aircraft and passengers to the ground if a serious in-flight emergency arises.

In the case of yesterday's Gilgandra Incident, initial reports indicate that the aircraft's recovery parachute system was the major contributory fact in saving the life of the two persons onboard, after they experienced an in-flight engine failure.

These parachute systems are launched by a rocket installed in the aircraft. Therefore presenting an inherent danger to responding Police & Emergency service personnel to aircraft crashes.
Care should be exercised when working near aircraft wreckage, especially with aircraft fitted with these systems as they may be in a non activated state and rescue / investigative operations have the potential to activate them.
good job....I hope his friend is a pretty understanding also hope he doesn't act like a stiff if his friend ask to use his
jbermo 1
I was told that your Cirrus was permanently unusable after a CAPS deployment landing. Not sure if this is true.
they say it totals it
Well if the plane is totalled (and the pilot would be aware of that because of the training etc), then wouldn't it be a better bet to try a dead-stick landing in the paddock he ended up in? I always thought the parachute thingy was for absolutely the last resort, when a wing comes off or somesuch.
Well when was the last time you heard of a wing falling off of a plane???...Most people who started flying in a cessna, piper, beechcraft etc. were taught that if you have absolutely exhausted all of your options and must land in a field that it is just safer to land going with as supposed to against the layout of the field because you never know for sure what the level of each row in the field is...Some fields are flat while others may drop 5-10ft between each level for irrigation purposes...With that being said in the article it says that the gear crumpled "like it should have"...Reading that portion of the article would leads me to believe that the gear on these (cirrus) aircraft aren't designed to be as rigid as the gear on their counterparts....Waying the options and knowing that their only real option was the field the pilot probably felt it was safer to pull the chute as supposed to attempting a landing in a field that he didn't know the conditions of and running the chance rolling the plane on the ground because of either one of the gear digging into the ground.
Two days ago, Tim
well unfortunately stuff happens; I feel bad for them and their families
jbermo 1
""Mr Nixon has a black eye and a bruise on his chin,caused when his knee flew up during the impact""
No injuries? - Holly Hell, how many people can touch their eyeball with their knee?
I am pretty sure he felt it the next day
I'm glad the chute worked and they weren't serously injured but____the place the aircraft is sitting looks longer, wider,and smoother than some of the dirt strips I used to fly out of,---------just sayin.


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