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In Latest Failure, Boeing 787 Rains Burning Engine Debris Down on Airport

During a ground test on a runway in South Carolina over the weekend, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner expelled a piece of debris that landed on grass and caught fire. It's just the latest setback for the $200 million passenger megaplane of the future. ( 更多...

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preacher1 2
This nor the other article specified engine make but I think it was GE. Don't matter. Yes, Boeing has ultimate responsibility, BUT, this did happen inflight and during testing. If we could get all enginge failures on the ground, it would be a wonderful thing, and save many LOST ENGINE training hours. Really, it would have been a non-event if it hadn't happened on a 787!

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linbb 2
Dont know how this is a setback as its just a problem that happened its a stuff happens thing and thats it. Its nothing to set back the airplane like said but think the web site name says it all.
My goodyear tire exploded and Ford is to blame... er ... yea.
JetMech24 1
It was Firestone, lol. :P
What an idiotic headline.....
The plane never left the ground, yet "rained" fiery debris....woooooo.

Sorry, I won't read further than that. Besides I already read the whole real report in the Post and Courier.
Right on, Brian. My pet hate at the moment is crappy journalism, and this headline is a perfect example.
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GE 787 Engine Event

"Significant" back end engine damage on 787 taxi test in Charleston, SC.
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Boeing 787 - Ground Test - Engine Failure

NTSB Investigation, hopefully we will hear more about this soon.


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