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FAA Rips Delta Passenger for Filming Bird Strike

This guy is about 20 minutes into his 15 minutes of fame. ( 更多...

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andrewderr 3
It's probably time for the FAA and mythbusters to have a little chat.
Tom Weber 2
For those who are interested, you can read about the FAA rule here:

Section 6.f discusses electronic devices during takeoff and landing
Section 7 discusses cell phones
We all know that we have to fallow them, whats just getting me mad is the fact that people all over the world are filming take-offs, and that just because someone gets video of a bird-strike is questioning the use of electronic devises is ridiculous!
This is the last thing I am going to say:

Now we all know that use of electronic devises is prohibited during "critical times of flight," we get that. Now when we are in the air, the use of them is allowed. Now what abound the newly equipped aircraft that allow wi-fi, aren't those just as bad as if we were to use devises on takeoff?

This is more like a question...
JetMech24 1
The systems can't be activated until the aircraft is above 10,000 ft.
preacher1 1
His attitude. "I didn't think I was doing anything wrong". Rules, right or wrong, are there for EVERYBODY!!! Challengege them in the proper venue if you think they are wrong, BUT follow them in the meantime!!!!!!!!!!!!
preacher1 1
This will start a whole new debate over the use of electronic devises BUT until the rules are changed, everybody needs to follow them!!!!!!
cmp5n 0
Unfortunately that is not a conslusive reason. If the reason for the rule is the stowing and securing argument that richard weiss presented then how do those rules not apply to a book or other non electroic reading materials?
cmp5n 0
Is anyone from the FAA on this blog who could shed some light on the rule?

Or any history buffs know when the rule was created and what prompted it? Like a specific incident/accident?

[This poster has been suspended.]

Though, there are 2 sides to this. If you go online, there are millions of people recording several minutes of take-off with cameras, phones and every other electronic devise with a camera. Now in my opinion, this has gone too far. Somebody decided to take a video of takeoff. People are doing this right now and this video of all of them is getting the most attention.
mobilken 0
This guy and even the news anchor miss the point of the electronics rule. Below 10K no devices are to be used. Why didn't the FA tell him to turn it off? The aircraft was in the departure phase. This means sit down, turn your electronics off and enjoy the ride.

I did like the comment to confiscate all devise upon boarding. He would be the first to cry.....
preacher1 2
FA's probably had told him to turn it off and were strapped in themselves for the takeoff.. He's a frequent flyer and knows all about it. They may not interfere and eventually the rules may be changed but until then he needs to follow them. That is not his decision to make.
Klemons 0
typical fox news reporter..big surprise thinking they are holier than thou, and COMPLETELY missing the point. I hope he's ready for a little TLC compliments of the TSA
cmp5n 0
Does anyone know the reason for the rule?

Why did the FAA make a rule about electronic devices during critical phases of flights?

Is it just so your paying attention in case the flight attendant needs to give you a command for your safety?
jkarides96 0
If something were to happen during takeoff they could be dangerous. For example, if the plan sharply turned right and the pilots lose sudden control (quite unlikely) then your beloved iPad 2 turns into a flying missile. The claim that cell phones interfere is nothing but a myth in my opinion. I've left my phone on countless times by accident and absolutely nothing happened to the airplane. I've kept my phone on flying my airplane and it has not affected it ever. North Korea has managed to jam navigational systems for South Korean airliners over the past week, that actually effected them and they used other onboard systems to land safely. To sum it all up, I personally feel it's the fear of the unknown. In all fairness, new phones and other technologies come out almost every month, who's to say one of those may not interfere somehow? That's my rant, maybe it will call for some good conversation on here.
cmp5n 2
I've done the same accidently both as PIC and as one of the cattle in the back. I have never had radio or nav interference but also never tested it scientifically.

I thought that the rule was originally made because electroic devices would mess up the old tube FMS systems. Similar to how you can mess with a old tv by putting a magnet next to it.

The FAA being the FAA I thought they just never revisited the rule to modernize it and left it in place because some makes and models out there still rely on tube screens for critical flight data.

I was wondering if anyone could confirm that or shed light otherwise.
Tom Weber 1
The cell phone interference is very real, but not the way most people think - your cell phone's range increases at altitude (as with any radio signal, range is limited by line-of-sight, which increases with altitude). Because the cellular network was designed for people on the ground, the system uses the same frequencies separated by distances that mean you can't be transmitting to two towers at the same time. However, once you're in the air, you now can communicate with multiple towers, which could disrupt cell phone calls. The no-transmit rules are mostly from the FCC, not the FAA.

As for using electronic devices during critical stages of the flight, the prohibition is as others have said - you need to be paying attention to the crew in case of an emergency, not listening to your iPod or filming with your iPad, and you don't want these devices flying all about the cabin in case of an emergency.
cmp5n 1
For the argument that electronic devices need to be turned off so you ate paying attention..
Then why are you allowed to be reading a book? They would be just as distracting.
You're right, cmp5n. It would be better for everyone to spend that 45 seconds from power-up to flaps-up paying attention. But some people are just so smart they know more than the safety experts. It's the same for the people who immediately take off their shoes when they sit down. There's no rule that says you have to leave them on, but what would a person do without shoes if they had to run out of a burning aircraft after a high speed abort. It's call survival skills and a rule can't be made for every person who doesn't have the intelligence for self preservation
cmp5n 1
Ay ay sir. Sorry for questioning you authority in the matter.

Common sense should always prevail, and that is my point exactly. My problem is with people who demand blind faith in rules and try to stifle democratic conversation of the rule itself.

This thread has run its course. Thanks to Tom Weber for posting the AC - very informative.
There's a difference between faith and blind faith. I'll compare it to a phrase that was told to me by a very intelligent man. If a person learns from the their own mistakes are smart people. A person who learns the mistakes of others is an intelligent person. If a person refuses to learn the from their own or other peoples mistakes they are just plain dumb. A lot of people have died before a safety rule was implemented to give others a better chance at survival. If you choose to ignor the wisdom of others, that's is strictly your decision. good luck.
The announcement from the flight attendants goes something like this"turn off and STOW all devices until we reach a safe altitude." Reason one is so that the pax are paying attention to their surroundings in case of an emergency. Reason two it to prevent a couple hundred projectiles from flying around the cabin in an emergency situation, fracturing the backs of a hundred different skulls. The seat upright position call is not for your safety, it's for the passenger behind you. They're just basic safety rules, learned from past accidents. So just stop whining and follow them.


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