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Get Over Mic Fright With PilotEdge Virtual Air Traffic Control

One of the steepest hurdles in instrument training is building the confidence and proficiency to talk to ATC on the radio. You know, mic fright. This is what startup company PilotEdge is all about. It’s a safe zone where pilots can file flight plans, pick up clearances and make frequency changes without the distractions and costs of flying a real plane. ( 更多...

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The PilotEdge experience is great. The controllers are totally professional and the communications experience is indistinguishable from the real world -- except for their complete willingness to provide coaching and explanations as long as they aren't busy with other traffic. Even without a full-motion simulator, the experience is so immersive that you will feel just as wrung out after a complex instrument approach in IMC as you do in a real airplane.
I've found PilotEdge to be a huge help in my mental preparations to fly. After a "flight" on PilotEdge, complete with a flight plan, radio communications, and experiencing the dynamic environment of real-time, interactive, simulated flight, I am more confident in my ability to stay ahead of the airplane during actual flight.
Igor Petrov 1
Great fun for a flight simulation enthusiast. The professional atmosphere, fixed operation hours of the ATC create a serious foundation for learning and exercising your hobby.


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