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2 planes crash in Longmont Co possible mid air collision

LONGMONT, Colo. – Two planes collided in the sky over Longmont Friday, killing at least one person, authorities said. The collision occurred at about 11:45 a.m. The planes plummeted to the ground at two separate locations: one at Weld County Road 1 and Highway 119, and the other on Airport Rd., just north of Vance Brand Airport, according to Mountain View Fire Protection District spokesperson Steve Pischke. Pischke said the wreckage at Highway 119, where one body was located, is so severe it is… ( 更多...

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jim garrity 1
A "CAVU" day and this? Prayers go out to all.
That's actually near us and near the airport we usually fly out of for lessons. Really close to home. Our thoughts go out to the people that lost their lives in this accident. Really really sad.
Prayers go out to all the families involved in this accident. Very sad day. Bev was my flight instructor for my CFI training at Emery Aviation College.

KC Hoover 1
I read in this AM paper that Beverly Cameron was treated and released from the hospital. Unfortunately the other plane's occupants, an instructor and student, died in the crash. Prayers for all involved in this tragic incident.
Bob Ziehm 0
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At Least 2 Dead In 2 Small Plane Crashes In Colo.

More to come...


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