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Three killed in Melbourne, FL plane crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that the plane was a Cirrus SR22 attempting to land when it crashed off the end of runway 9R. ( 更多...

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Seems to be a lot of Cirrus SR22's going down. Can the pilots not handle the aircraft?
I am not saying this was the cause in this particular case, but I have personally noticed that there are a lot of freshly minted private pilots that go out and purchase this aircraft (or similar) because they can afford it.
Matt Lacey 1
Local news reporting the pilot was Robert Kurrus, a local theater owner and adventurer.
Pull the chute? Same goes for the other two crashes. Cirrus proved they were effective @ very low altitudes, such as an engine failure on take off.
Matt Lacey 1
I just listened to the audio archived on It's just before the end of the file that starts at 2130Z from yesterday (2/29). "Tower did you see that?" "I did." Then they all start vectoring for go-arounds. Chilling.
Matt Lacey 1
Actually, it overlaps on the 2200Z file. "Tower did you see that?" is the first thing you hear. Tower starts calling for 4SR. You can tell the Tower Controller is upset.
Sounds like they wanted him to extend his final when he reported he was already on very short base. They instructed him to make it a tight turn to final. Is that the accident aircraft? It sounded like the controller said he needed to extend for the Cirrus so I'm not sure.
29:41 on the 2130Z file.
Accident aircraft: N544SR
Matt Lacey 1
The controller had been extending downwinds for several aircraft in the pattern. I never heard him instruct 4SR to do that. Moreover, within a minute prior to the accident the controller cleared 4SR to land. The other aircraft was Arrow N611DA. It sounds like he was where he was cleared to be.
I didn't hear en extension for 4SR either. I'm thinking I would've done the same in that situation....I hear "cleared to land" so I go ahead and turn base.
Greg Branch 1
It sounds like to me that 4SR was doing as instructed. I think the controller was a bit too busy, for himself, and got slightly confused. He told 4SR that he would either have to extend his downwind or he could make a base to final from where he was. He told the tower he was parking at the very end of the RW (10,000 Feet), so the tower cleared him to land. From looking at the crash site location he should have been able to land with NO issues at all. I believe the controller getting hyped up over the aircraft landing on the parallel got the pilot hyped up and the pilot over-reacted. I have landed at this airport several times, I used to live in Melbourne. The airport can get busy and I have had to go-around on more than 1 occasion.

Sounds like a stall/spin scenario to me.

Dudeman, I hope you were being sarcastic.
When receiving an unsafe instruction I say, "Unable S turns on final (or whatever) and say next." Rejecting an instruction is a safety issue determine by the PIC.
looks like the cirrus is the next gen "doctor killer". newly certified private pilots going out buying an expensive plane they don't know how to fly. when will they learn?
zennermd 1
I thought it already was for a while now.


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