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American Eagle Flight 3560 from Indianapolis to Miami Makes Emergency Landing in Louisville, KY

Smoke in the cockpit and a low oil pressure indication necessitate a shutdown of one engine of an American Eagle ERJ-145 enroute from IND to MIA, with a diversion to SDF. Flight track is here: Initial news story (without video) is here: ( 更多...

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Jeff Lawson 0
Clickable link to flight track
Chris Murray 0
28 people plus crew........another money losing flight for AMR. I looked up the crew names; looked like a new captain and FO. Glad everything worked out ok.
sparkie624 0
Geez, Is this news. I work MOC and we had a diversion because a LAV smoke detector went off on a REPO flight. Pilots manual says land nearest airport. This stuff is not news. Come one. Every Airline has stuff like this happening. Procedures are in place to safely handle the plane. So what. Shut down one engine. He still had a 2nd and nobody was hurt or killed.
indy2001 0
I'd much rather see this than the endless rants about TSA.
pfp217 0
I agree. I think the media outlets have their scanners on and just happen to hear the right thing and find out about it. I can remember a few times where we'd have WX diversions and the media would be out to cover it.
Elfyn Hanks 0
It was an engine problem and they shut it down whats the big deal. The press making a mountain out of a mole-hill again. Yes it was a problem but not life threatening like is being implied.
preacher1 0
I can remember one afternoon when WX was wreaking havoc at KDFW, Eagle put 4 on the ground into KFSM. Pilot chatter indicated another 5-6 between KXNA and KTUL. WX broke at DFW, and they started leaving; we were running a tad late ourselves, getting off, which is normally not a big deal from that airport, but had to wait on every one of them. My pax had started getting sloppy on departure. It never happened again but after sitting for about 1/2 hr, they started being there on
pfp217 0
When I was younger and was a ground agent at a smaller airport, those were the days I lived for. We were a diversion spot for STL and TW would always send their MD80s and DC9s, 727s, and occasionally some of the bigger stuff. I was a kid in a candy store. I was supervisor so I had to decide how to park them...not to mention our scheduled flights and diversions as well! Man I miss those days!
preacher1 0
You do have a little wonderment when you come to work in a clear sky and Eagle is everywhere you


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