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Emirates orders 50 Boeing 777-300ERs, with 20 additional options.

The order, with a value of $18 billion, makes this the single largest commercial airplane order in Boeing's history by dollar value. It also makes 2011 the best-selling year for the 777 program, surpassing the previous record of 154 orders set in 2005. With the Emirates order, the 2011 net order book for the 777 currently stands at 182. The options for 20 additional airplanes is valued at $8 billion. ( 更多...

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canuck44 0
They will dump most of their AirBus twin aisle fleet and their older 777s. It is hard to imagine what they plan to do with 90 388 aircraft. They just began service to JNB leaving only NBO and CAI left on that continent with heavy traffic, all with non-stop direct flights from Europe and/or USA. India has banned least temporarily. Qatar, Ethiad, Gulf and Ethiopian are all looking to execute the same business plan.

I would not be surprised to see a few 388 orders drop off with all these 777 orders.
chalet 0
Another proud moment for Boeing which they needed after the fiasco over the delays in deliverying the 787. At any rate the 777 will go down as another "monster seller" like the 707, 727, 737, 747, and to some extent the 757 and 767 too that ended up passing the numbers that Boeing thought they would sell.
Get your prayer mats out folks.....if Emirates fail then there shall be a glut of widebodies out there that shall shut down both the airframers!! Impossible? No sirs, just a drop in oil production and the revenues that Dubai depend upon etc....!

Is that far fetched thinking or a real possibility in today's world?
canuck44 0
Dubai has almost no oil and Emirates is one of the ways it intends to compensate. It is earning its way on good old fashioned commerce, much as a Hong Kong of the Middle East. When the recession hit, they were forced to get money (a lot) from the richer cousins in Abu Dhabi. They are sitting on a ton of empty real estate having overbuilt the high rises in The Palms et al. They now have the cash to hang on and will continue expanding.
I note John your comments about the oil hence the little question at the end of my remarks. Perhaps it was the empty glass towers on the beach and the possible falling off of the tourist trade ( which can happen anywhere ) and empty A380's flying around the globe that tweaks my mind.

Emirates and Etihad are in my estimation competing for capacity whilst the elder statesmen of Gulf Air and Oman are doing just nicely in their relatively save way just as Cathay Pacific are despite the vastness of Chinese cash reserves, post UK colonisation. Just another of my thoughts Gentlemen.


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