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Air Canada B772 enroute on Sep 19th 2011, turbulence burns 6

An Air Canada Boeing 777-200, registration C-FNNH performing flight AC-33 (dep Sep 17th) from Vancouver,BC (Canada) to Sydney,NS (Australia) with 269 people on board, was enroute, cabin crew serving coffee and tea, when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing coffee and tea to leave the cups unexpectedly and spill over passengers and crew causing minor burns to 4 passengers and 2 crew. The aircraft continued to Sydney for a safe landing on runway 34L, where an Australian news helicopter… ( 更多...

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preacher1 0
Obviously CAT, with no previous report. That's why they ask you to keep belts buckled while in your seat.
max lyons 0
That's why I always keep my seat belt fastened when I'm seated, you never know when you're going to encounter turbulence.
... and that is why you should never drink coffee in the air
Ginger Ale doesn't burn..
must have crossed the equatorial region...
Somebody sue Boeing for not building a turbulance-proof aircraft!! Why didn't that flight attendant give me a sippy cup?!?!
@ ronald- they don't give u a sippy cup cause then you could sue the airline for giving you a kid's cup and emotional damage...
preacher1 0
Boy, this turned the sarcasm cops loose:).lol
yes it did wayne!. well anyways, i hope everyone took a moment to read up on Murphy's law. maybe put it on the emergency cards or maybe a few placards?
I've had turbulence like that many times with a different kind of cat and an unbuckled belt!!!
Well we can spill coffee anytime and burn ourselves. I guess we can sue Air Canada for spilled coffee haha oh boy what case that would be in court (Just saying if it even did happen).
it should be noted, that every-one(most) is aware of thunder storms, micro-bursts, wind shear etc. how many are aware of HCAT, LCAT. clear blue skies, nice clouds, full moon. off with seat belts, relax, have a coffee, hot chocolate. NOT knowing what dangerous hidden air movement may be ahead. a PRO air traveller ALWAYS WEAR THEIR SEAT BELT
preacher1 0
And what gets me, it is one thing along a heavily traveled corridor for both ATC and a company dispatch to give warnings about choppy air in a given area or certain flt. level if they have had a report of it, and pilots generally will announce that if they are expecting to run into it. A lot of PAX may have heard these warnings from time to time, BUT, if you are on a light density route or the first on thru an area, got'cha, and that may give some folks a false sense of security,
Gene spanos 0
Better call the aviation law team
of " So sue me ".
chalet 0
Misleading headline, implies that the turbulence did something real bad to the aircraft and that a fire eruped. They should have said: .... turbulence sipilled coffee and tea around causinjg burns to passenges, but of course this headline does not sell as well as theirs.
Ridiculous... I hate coffee, but would demand a refill on the ole Crown & Coke. In fact, most airlines Ive been on usually offer up drinks on the house just for departing an hour or two late. If the AC crew had simply liquored up the so-called "victims" for the rest of the flight, they probably would have forgotten all about the coffee incident.
preacher1 0
@Chris D.: I like
Isn't NS the abbreviation for Nova Scotia? When I read this I wondered why Air Canada was flying into a 24,000 population city with a 777. I didn't even pay attention to the (Australia). New South Wales is NSW. And turbulence burn - I had visions of a GE90 engine being torn off in turbulence and frying 6 in the cabin in some horror movie scheme. In fact I think I will start on the script right now.
@ Michael, I would watch that movie... Only when John Travolta plays the pilot, make him actually act like one. I cant believe he "flew" that Stealth bomber like an actor, instead of the experienced pilot he is.


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