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Another 77 bodies recovered from crashed Air France jet

RIO DE JANEIRO -- A further 77 bodies from the doomed Rio to Paris Air France flight were recovered in recent weeks from the Atlantic, an association representing the families of Brazilian victims confirmed Tuesday. ( More...

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agg1930 0
Can anybody imagine the condition of a body after being submerged in salt water under a lot of pressure at that depth for two years? What is the point of bringing those remains out? They should let them be in peace once and for all. Really feel for the poor families that have had to endure all this!
David Kain 0
some people want the body for closure, others want to leave them in place. Not having lost someone in such conditions I dont know what my choice is other than to have a lot of information available to know what happened to them.
The remains would be skeletons after all this time.
Patricia Reed 0
It is hard to say what I would do and hard to say what condition the bodies are in. If they were still in the fuselage (and sounds like they were) that water is very cold and deep. They could actually be well preserved. The part I mentally grapple with is a statement that I read that bodies were being brought up that were in good condition. Now that leaves families whose members are not brought up imagining the horrible death they must have endured. Suffering upon suffering.
David Kain 0
Patricia if you read the report released on the crash and transcript of the CVR, the pilots were calm up until impact so it would have been very sudden and quick. I doubt very much about the report of good condition, certainly not identifiable.
Robert Mark 0
Think about what you just wrote David. The pilots were calm until impact. That is simply unbelievable to me.

Did they not realize they were about to die? Had they given up hope? Neither one is much of an option.

Rob Mark
David Kain 0
Rob download and read the transcript of the CVR and make your own opinion, my interpretation of the transcript is that they were fixated on the problem and didnt realise their decent rate. I do admit that the report is incomplete however the comments by the pilots were not panic etc. Certainly in comparison to other CVRings, there was no indication that they were about to hit the water.
There is an indication that they were trying to fly the plane but there was an amount of confusion on the flight deck with conflicting data. The plane stalled and there was not enough time for them to analyse that data and perform corrective action.


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