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Airbus Showcases A350-1000 Powered by Sustainable Aviation Fuel at Singapore Airshow

Airbus showcased its A350-1000 aircraft, powered by a 35% blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), at the Singapore Airshow. The company showed refueling on February 18 at Changi Airport (SIN) by pumping 12.8 tons (11.6 metric tons) of a 35% blend of SAF and conventional jet-A fuel into the widebody. ( More...

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Randall Bursk 3
Lot of research, testing, just like different fossil fuel blends. Need the best for your operation. I averaged 180 tons of carbon emissions every year in my career. If it does the job, happy to use it.
Chris Muncy 4
Better alternative link:
Chris Muncy 3
wow downvoted for posting a link to a web site not polluted with ads.....
David French 2
My concern over 'SAF' is that at commercially viable quantities it could create another Palm Oil disaster.
Very similarly related Fuel for IndyCar seems to be a bit more advanced, but there is much in the press release about the Sugar Cane ‘waste’ related Ethanol but nothing at all about the ‘combined with another renewable component to create the 100% renewable formulation‘. The language is a bit weasel like.

Even so quantities require for aviation will be huge.,compared%20to%20fossil%2Dbased%20gasoline.
SAF = Plain and simple greenwashing.
btweston 0
Are you an oil speculator or do you just work for one?
No. Just someone concerned about the green-washing of SAF. Environmental concerns but a Big Oil shill.

There is no such thing as sustainable aviation fuel - unless like Mr Fusion in Back to the Future - you can entirely make it from waste, with low energy input into the process and low CO2 product.
djames225 4
Actually there is a such thing as SAF, it can be made from waste, production cut CO2 output compared to fractionating tower process by 12-14%, and it uses less energy to produce.

However I believe and agree with some of your skepticism. As it strands now, rules state it must be mixed with fossil fuel. So until the day comes when a jet engine can run on 100% SAF for a 16 hr flight, this using SAF with jet fuel has been going on for a while.
skylab72 0
Alcohol > JF also has potential at scale, only the energy of a single chemical bond (C to H) for each fuel molecule output... greenwashing is as greenwashing does, it is all in the presentation.
drpepper 0
FDX was one of the initial testers of SAF, good to see it's finally making progress.


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