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American reroutes Asia flights to avoid Russian airspace

American Airlines has rerouted three flights to Asia due to "overflight concerns" as tensions between the USA and Russia rise. Flights between Chicago O'Hare and Beijing, and Dallas/Fort Worth and both Beijing and Hong Kong have been rerouted due to the concerns, a memo sent to pilots states. ( 更多...

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What about Iran Air 655?
A B 1
What about it?
Good move by American. Russians or their proxies have a history of shooting down civilian airliners. Korean 007 in 1983 and Malaysia 17 in 2014 spring to mind.
Jon Herd 1
The Americans shot down a civvie too. Iran Air 655.

Why didn’t that one spring to your mind?
A B 1
Because the russian government still keeps spreading deliberate lies and obstructing the judgement regarding MH17
American govt fed the public quite a heap of bull about Iran Air 655 too


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