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Airplane spotters always have a field day at LAX

"Imperial Hill" is the nickname plane watchers have given to this El Segundo location where they like to snap pictures for airliners at LAX. The spot has limited parking, but is an ideal place from which to watch the activity at LAX. ( 更多...

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I love to get a box of Dinah's fried chicken on Sepulvida and waste an afternoon with an aircraft scanner and a borrowed "lastest and greatest" camera and see what she'll do. I never have trouble parking, and the city made a nice vest pocket park with benches there. Years ago it was just mud and a chainlink fence. All they need is a snack kisok with table service.
El Segundo, Fred and Lamonts old stomping ground...
Airiplane Spotting - what better way to spend one's retirement. Can't wait!


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