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It’s Official: British Airways Is Bringing Back 4 A380s Next Month

British Airways has now confirmed the return of the Airbus A380. ( 更多...

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jeff slack 10
It is a fabulous way to fly.
Better more in-depth articles are available without having to access simplefleas.
Mark Kortum 7
My last pre-pandemic international flight returning to London from Hong Kong in 2020 was on one. Nice they are coming back. Too bad the 747s are not.
Antoni Mazur 4
Could it be that someone at BA ran the numbers and discovered it is more profitable to fly 500+ passengers on a 380 than on two flights of 350s. Apparently reports of the demise of the 380 have been exagerated (apologies to Mark Twain)✈️
Excellent news; a worth evolution beyond the old 747-400 fleet. With today's USA announcement about vaccinated travel, we'll be booking with BA over the weekend for 2022.
RECOR10 -1
Um, any delusion that weak humans have ANY protection by a Federal Mandate proves that they are not only physically, they are also mentally inferior (and thus, ChinaFlu is a blessing, making the human race stronger). If it only was faster-acting...
Love the A380!!! In Madrid Barajas Airport there are around 6 A380 of BA stored due to this pandemic. Hope those birds will be back in service again.
Joseph Pistritto 2
ive only seen these (saw one of the first ones doing winter testing in Norway before they went into service). Itd be supercool to fly one to the UK.
mdburd 2
I hope they upgrade the FC product to something competitive.
Currently BA First is the best business class in the air.... :-/
Scott Campbell 2
Top two flights ever - Last United 747 LHR - SFO Biz upper deck, It was party all the there!. And Lufthansa A-380 First LAX - Munich UNREAL !! :) When the FA asked in the morning, in her perfect German accent "I make the eggs fresh" yea of course I'll have breakfast :/
Hope they fly to Sydney so I can fly on this Beast , this will also bring Qantas to re think their use of the Whale .
Jerry Fawbert 2
Qantas cabin crew in London are to be re-trained on the 380 in anticipation of its return.
Torsten Hoff 1
I took one BA A380 flight from LAX to LHR a couple of years ago and enjoyed the experience tremendously. Nice cabin (business class) that was comfortable and quiet, and attentive crew. I know there's better, but I have no complaints.
steve kent 1
The only new route confirmed for the A380’s is LHR-DXB. Dallas is rumoured but not confirmed yet.


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