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The True Story of 'The Miracle Pilot' and His 120 MPH Water Landing

Eric Lindner's Tiger in the Sea: The Ditching of Flying Tiger 923 and the Desperate Struggle for Survival tells the story of pilot John Murray's 1962 life-saving "ditch" of an L-1049H Super Constellation in the North Atlantic ocean, a barely controlled water landing with 76 passengers and crew members onboard. The effort captivated the world at the height of the Cold War. Newspapers from London to Los Angeles ran breaking updates of the crash's aftermath, and President… ( 更多...

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Chris Croft 1
btweston, it would be a long shot, but maybe you're right. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It would be a "Million Dollar Baby" to 1 long shot, but if I did end up with a "Fistful of Dollars" for my movie suggestion, I'm sure if I didn't include you in the proceeds you would "Turn Me Every Which Way but Loose" And I would be forever "Unforgiven" in your eyes. Just a spot of fun Mr.Weston,Cheers.
James Simms 1
Article mentioned two other Constellation incidents w/in hours of each other. What it fails to mention is both involved Flying Tiger Constellations, one in Alaska & the other disappearing over the Pacific carrying US Army Rangers to South Vietnam
Chris Croft 0
If Clint Eastwood thought Sully Sullenberger ditching in the Hudson River after a bird strike was worthy of a movie, he really needs to take a serious look at this incredible and incomparable story of airmanship by Captain John Murray. The account of this event is just breath taking.
btweston 1
Maybe you should write him a letter.


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