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US Lawmakers Debate Ending Mask Requirement On Flights

US lawmakers are considering a proposal to end the mask mandate on flights, airports, and ground transport. ( 更多...

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Silent Bob 2
COVID infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are down over 90% from this time last year. The vaccines have so far proven to be effective against the spooky “delta” variant. The data shows that almost without exception the only ones getting infected and requiring treatment are the unvaccinated. I’d say it’s well past time to lose the mask and let people live their own lives. People act like removing mask mandates means banning people from wearing masks. Obviously anyone who feels the need can continue to mask up, let people make their own damn choice.
clarify 2
Oh, we should "let people make their own damn choice"?

So they can stand in the aisle leaning over you during taxi, takeoff, and landing.
So they can smoke in whichever seat they want.
So they can visit the cockpit and try out some of the buttons and switches and ask/see what they do.
So they can get as hammered as they want and visit each passenger and bother them.
So they can bring a high-power transmitter on the flight and overwhelm GPS signals during critical phases of flight.

Or...we can realize that in cases where one's actions increase risks to the well-being of others then we can have reasonable rules and expectations w.r.t. behavior.

Let's also realize that not everyone can get vaccinated due to age or other medical conditions. Let's also realize another COVID wave will not only affect those who get it but the economic well-being of many others.

FWIW Israel's vaccination rate is around 57% and the US's is around 47% and Israel reinstated indoor mask mandates on June 25. And the US is seeing daily cases go up in certain hotspots (e.g., Missouri, Nevada).
clarify 1
Data out of Israel is indicating that the Pfizer vaccine is much less effective at preventing transmission of the virus (although still somewhat effective). Fortunately the effectiveness at preventing hospitalization only dropped slightly.

For a good summary with links back to original sources, this Twitter thread does a pretty decent job:
canuck44 0
It is wekk past time to ditch the face diappers. They ae all theater, provide no relief from COVID and other viruses.
clarify 2
Actually independent lines of scientific inquiry point to the effectiveness of masks in reducing the transmission of COVID.


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