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What Role Will Regional Jets Play In The Future Of US Aviation?

The world of commercial aviation in the US is a complex and diverse business. Its size and population mean that widebody aircraft can often be seen on transcontinental routes between key hubs. At the other end of the scale, regional jets play a vital role by serving the extensive feeder networks that connect smaller cities with these hub airports. But what sort of role will these smaller aircraft play in the years and decades to come? ( 更多...

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Iskra 1
Robert, you had me until the "obscenely rich" comment. If they're is such a thing, they would fly on Gulfstreams and Global Expresses. Not the peasant airplanes! The only reason airlines fly RJ is it is cheeper. Everything is about making a profit. The union contracts protect larger aircraft flying so RJ's are limited by contract scope clauses. Cost/Profit is all the airline game is!
patrick baker 2
regonial jet economics worked far better with cheaper jet fuel. The finances of the regionals were seldom strong enough to have a priority for cleaning their aircraft.
Robert Cowling -1
Hopefully not much. Regional jets were created to fight pilot unions. The industry, tongue in cheek, said that they were using them for 'short haul flights' only, and as feeders to their regional hubs. That lie falls on its face when you ride an RJ to the local hub, and then have to suffer in the same plane as it heads across the country.

The RJ-200 is also a health menace as its ventilation system is incredibly incapable of keeping passengers safe during a pandemic. The ventilation system is a sad joke.

And add the fact that in marginal weather, it's the RJ's that take the brunt of delays, diversions, and cancellations.

The RJ fixes a union problem, and does little to adequately service the flying public, unless it's a warm clear day. Plus, pre-pandemic, the things were flying sewers. The affiliate air carriers were more concentrated on getting from point A to point B, and many times I flew on those things with trash, gum, and even a used diaper in the seat back pocket. One plane was flying with an overflowed toilet, and another was flying with vomit in one row! I have never felt like a farm animal more than the times I've been in a filthy stinking disgusting RJ. And their 'bin space' is laughable. Connecting to an international flight with HUGE bins means you 'gate check' a bag, or you do without for your coming multiple hour flight.

And, our local small airport had buzzing RJ's swarming there, and yet an airport of similar size has A321's and 757's flying in and out of it. The only reason I can see is that there is a large number of obscenely rich live there and they don't want to fly in RJ's.

But whatever... Flame away.


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