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Massachusetts authorities investigating possibility NC teen fell from plane

At about 9:30pm on November 16, a teen's mutilated body was discovered on a street in an upscale part of Milton, MA. Investigators originally suspected murder, but have now asked the Massachusetts Port Authority for help in investigating whether the teen may have fallen out of a plane, as the spot where he was found is right under the approach path for runway 4R at Logan International Airport (KBOS). ( 更多...

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Paul Claxon 0
Another question, what if he had been carrying a bomb ?
smokey831 0
An impact crater is far from logical thinking. A body falling at a forward moving angle hitting the ground will not leave a crate distingushable for forensic evidence. At the most the body weighed 150/175 lbs and is made of soft tissue, not steel. My guess there is some sort of a blood trail to follow but nothing else. A check of the aircraft in question will reveal forensic evidence as quickly as anything else I have read here.
Mark Gagnon 0
Why all this speculation? Just look for the impact crater. It should be right under the body.
smokey831 0
Forensic evidence will yield many things that are unaswered here. Condition of the body as far as temp., oxygen level in the body will indicate aphyxiation if he wasn't killed instantly upon gear retraction. Very sad all the way around. So young. I'm with everyone else asking how did he get past security and close enough to an aircraft to gain well acess without any rap personell seeing something? That is saying he was in fact a stowaway in the gear bay.
Ken Martin 0
How was he able to get to the aircraft in the first place, where was security? I feel for his parents if this is what happened to him, What a waste of a young life.
Larry Lenihan 0
Wouldn't there be evidence of him having been frozen due to the altitude?
david laite 0
The reason the press and officials are looking skyward is the timeline. Apparently
the kid's Father spoke to the kid in Charlotte just three hours prior to his being
discovered in Milton, MA. Soooo my question is how did this kid access the ramp area
in CLT?
More than remote possibility. Likely wheel well stowaway. Why else would a Charlotte kid be found on the approach path to BOS where gear was extended on a Charlotte-Boston flight at about the same time happen to be found on a street 900 miles from home with no evidence of foul play. Oh, maybe those seeking to avoid liability deduced that he hitchhiked there to visit an old girlfriend and was struck by a hit and run driver right around the same time by coincidence.
mark othoudt 0
I recall a Cuban teenager stowing away in a gear well to come to the US around 1970 but he survived...just barely. I remember reading about it in the Readers Digest, I was about 12 years old and that's all that comes back to me.
Kerry Duckett 0
Seems pretty straight fwd to me. Was he on the localizer path and close to the marker beacon?
Very sad indeed. Here's the latest from the Boston Globe:

Even in this article it says it is a "remote possibitly" (as quoted from the Boston Port Authority) that the boy stowed in an aircraft wheel-well. Im with Toby on this one, why look to the sky? More likely that he was traveling to Boston to visit friends--as they had only recently moved to Charlote. I really feel for the parents here. No answers and their boy ends up dead 900 miles away? Very odd. My condolences to the family.
Some aircraft out there needs their wheel well cleaned.
From other reports, it seems the kid was a stow away... They also think he was crushed when the aircraft left CLT and his body fell when the landing gear extended for the approach into BOS. My condolences to the family. Very sad.
Toby Sharp 0
So odd to me, im a pilot. but what i dont understand is why they are turning to the sky on this? thats odd to me.
Paul Claxon 0
He could have been hidden in a gear well, and that is about where they would be lowering their landing gear.
Chuck Me 0
I guess I need to advance those links one day. My apologies.
Chuck Me 0
Possible flights?


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