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Singapore Airlines to launch world’s longest non-stop flight with almost 20 hours in the air

Singapore Airlines is set to launch the world’s first non-stop flight with almost 20 hours in the air, by the end of this year. Singapore Airlines’ newest plane, the Airbus A350-900ULR — for Ultra Long-Range — will travel on a record-breaking, globe-spanning flight that will connect Singapore to New York... ( 更多...

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Rob Palmer 2
Passengers on a long flight such as this should be given a warning card about embolism, which can affect a person of any age as a result of sitting for too long a period. More cases are going to show up with these longer flights. Results can be immediately fatal. Eventually airlines will have to organize daisy chain walks around the cabin, which, hopefully, has two aisles.
perhaps the airline can every few hours put an exercise video designed to overcome the potential dangerous aspects of this length of flight.
sueridge307 1
I will take that flight with this airline anyday it happens Best airline in the world to travel on good reputation for in flight service and lovely clean aircraft


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