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Amelia Earhart's "new photo" and History Channel's documentary about it quickly debunked

The documentary was just shown on Sunday but quickly debunked... "Japanese military history blogger, who goes by @baron_yamaneko on Twitter, revealed that the photograph 'was first published in Palau under Japanese rule in 1935, in a photo book ... So the photograph was taken at least two years before Amelia Earhart disappear[ed] in 1937 and a person in the photo was not her.'" ( 更多...

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Jim DeTour 2
I saw that show that paralleled with the submarine shark documentary that was all a fabrication of lies. National Geographic being based in Washington DC is the big clue. They have no respect for the truth. The looked to be Japanese kid with his back to the camera was who they called the lost pilot. With all the hot air it's understandable to cry global warming. Majuro and the surrounding area is where major convoys anchored after the war enroute back to the states. Lots of gear was tossed overboard around there. I'm sure plenty of guys ran amuck everywhere around there throwing away gear. All they needed was a simple microscopic examination of the aluminum crystals in the part found to determine if it was a close match. Evidently it coming up not a match ran them to play other stories.
linbb 0
Nothing new here and posted that comment about the fake outfits news release. They are again just looking for more money.
Did it before with fake news and will try again they hooked MSN news and others with it as they posted in there news on line.


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