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British Airways replace in-flight meals on long-haul journeys with fun-size chocolate bars

British Airways will now serve passengers just one fun-size chocolate bar instead of a meal on long-haul flights, in an attempt to save money.Hungry passengers who used to get a proper sandwich and snack before landing blasted the measly offering last night. ( More...

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Chris B 6
This is er nuts.

Service is one of the reason I fly BA not American or United to Europe.
Gvs951 3
I agree - I, too, avoid American carriers wherever possible. It's one area where traditional American hospitality is in short supply - strange really, now I think about it.
canuck44 4
Looks like Virgin just got a new customer. I would expect Delta and Virgin to jump in using good food and service to fill their seats.
matt jensen 1
DAL surely you jest. We fly Virgin - and not just for the food.
Pileits 6
I can't think of a single thing an airline can do that will create a better image for themselves then to server GOOD FOOD in human size proportions.
Phil Howie 3
Typical press comment saying
'will now serve passengers just one fun-size chocolate bar instead of a meal on long-haul flights'
When in reality it is only the second meal that is being replaced.
But still very bad news.
josh homer 3
Hungry passengers who used to get a proper sandwich and snack before landing blasted the measly offering last night.

Cabin crew still serve a main meal earlier in flights but have been left squirming at what has replaced the second one."

Read the article folks!
canuck44 7
Every passenger should then declare themselves diabetic and get the proper meals for that....if they are foolish enough to book on BA with all the competition out there if New York to LHR is the example they used.

Do you suppose any of the suits will take any responsibility if bookings fall off. Great opportunity for Virgin and Delta to poach the regulars.

Agree but then they would start stripping the Diabetic meals down with a cheap hard ball bun to break your teeth on
billatq 5
The article is misleading. If you click through to the source, you'll see that this is the second, pre-arrival snack, and only for flights under 7 hours. Not all that newsworthy.
Remember that competing airlines still offer a regular breakfast before morning arrivals in Europe, so to me this is quite newsworthy.
Gvs951 2
I guess it is a pilot to test reaction. If passengers shout loud and make alternative choices the old arrangement will be re-instated. They are smart enough to spot good from bad.
That's why Asian and Middle East carriers are on the rise - even if it means a stop-over in a hub of theirs.
Unless, of course, they cancel routes because they don't want to serve pork, alcohol or show movies where an actress reveals an ankle.
Richard Rust 2
a good way to start a diet plan it might catch on
canuck44 3
For folks flying west to East across time zones a meal at 8 am arrival time helps to reset the internal clock. Experienced travelers will notice the difference immediately and is important if they plan to conduct business that day.
I don't believe that BA would make that a policy in such a competitive market. This story is a result of just one passenger complaining. What does happen is that BA will not serve hot drinks and main meals during turbulence or if it is forecast. Even on short haul flights you will get a biscuit instead of a sandwich.
Also a possibility is that the catering co. didn't or couldn't provide the correct meals and all they had was a packet of Mars bars.
This is a typical example of media bloat!
Gvs951 1
Sorry - you got it wrong. BA do intend to do this for non premium passengers
martin steele 1
Flown B now for several years now and can honestly say a chocolate bar would be beyter than any Diabetic they serve to you. They are unedible where choc bars aren't.
BA!!!!!! You should serve some retro snacks like Boyer Smoothies...available through mail order from Pennsylvania and only in certain stores. You'll soften some hearts I'm sure by them. I am not affiliated with this company ... Just rediscovered them happily and ordered some as they were a favorite in my childhood.
James Eaton 1
Seriously guys - all this outcry about changing a sandwich for a chocolate bar some 5.5 hours into a (maximum) 7 hour flight after having a airline meal 1.5 hours after takeoff. Not sure if everyone who has commented has actually read the article - the title is more than a tad misleading. So, a 'proper', normal meal say 1.5 hours into the flight and then a choc bar some 5.5 hours into the flight (about 1.5 hours before landing) and the world falls apart. I am more concerned about the ethos behind this change, however, as clearly the suits are not aware of the obesity crisis. Is there any snack that is not laden with sugar, calories, fat, etc.? Perhaps providing a slightly smaller sandwich might have been a better option. And perhaps there is also another factor involved ... choc bars only require a large basket to carry and distribute whereas sandwiches usually call for the trolley to be used. BA usually only has one attendant looking after one trolley (and very efficiently too - compared to two attendants on US carriers) and with the dreamliner trolley being lighter and therefore more flimsy, two attendants are now necessary to control it. (Just a thought)
matt jensen 1
Is this from the Onion?
No, sadly it's not.
matt jensen 2
Only a matter of time before the others try it.
Sugar Tax included??
David Iles 1
Looks like BA will become a fun sized airline before long if they carry on like that.
This is so stupid, I checked if was not one of those false news sites, but they seem to be legit. Way to go British Airways if you are aiming at loosing passengers.
John Molloy 1
I have heard many crazy things in my lifetime as an airline pilot, but this is the craziest ever.
marc bandemer 1
BA Seem to be going in the wrong direction and this tactic will fail to attract passengers to fly with them. What a shame as BA faces some extreme competition as there as still may credible choices. I do appreciate that saving money is essential but there is a right way and a wring way to do this!
Great for people with Diabetes.
Diabetics should ensure that they have a reserve of their own to cater for their illness.
mark robinson 1
What a terribly misleading headline to this story that has got so many people's knickers in a twist. It's only the SECOND meal on flights BELOW 7 HOURS that's being replaced with a snack!! The first meal will still be served an hour or so into the flight...
Let's be honest, how many people on these short longhaul flights are actually gagging for something else to eat just 4 hours or so after the main 3 course meal? Not many , I suggest.
Gvs951 1
More than you realise, judging by the noise raised. If under 7 hours I would much prefer to eAt later and that would avoid the second nibble, but feeding one hour into the flight invites hunger 4 hours later for most passengers.
you got to be kidding me really and there prices for airfares are sky rocketing a real bloody joke for the pom bomb airline there getting just like American Airlines were serving american clam chowder soup in flight OMG looked like vomit
Gvs951 1
Well they do say bad habits are the easiest to acquire - so you may be right.
But it does disappoint me - it's not as if they are the cheapest either.
Edward Wood 1
Its a sad day when BA ditch the sandwich in favor of cost cutting
For the Diabetics perhaps they will substitute sugar-free chocolate bars - with all the laxative properties
So I suppose they are following obesity guidelines and ensuring passengers have to pay for two seats when they have eaten enough candy. Good plan BA
Sandra Looby 0
BA continue to take customers for granted. Service and aircraft are terrible and dated. Staff reflect the poor investment. A real shame and no surprise they are not in top 20 airlines.
Not my experience flying Manchester to LAX, I don't think the Airbus 380 is all that old and is a lovely flight, the connect to Heathrow was great too. Last time I flew this route, going BA saved me more than £100 per ticket versus any other airline, though this route isn't going to lose the second meal (afaik), the price difference is enough to make up and I'm not sure the food available on most alternatives is any better.
Mike Monk 0
What can one expect when the owner of the airline is an ex-CEO of a budget airline?
mark robinson 1
So, Mike, who exactly is this owner? I thought BA was owned by shareholders...
Mike Monk 1
Hi Mark,
Willie Walsh and his IAG
mark robinson 1
I don't think you'll find he's the owner of IAG, and apart from the fairly recent inclusion of the ex-Vueling boss, there's absolutely nothing that distinguishes IAG as a 'budget' airline! In fact, IAG offers more premium seats out of the UK than any other airline, at a time when many others have dropped their First Class offering!!
Mike Monk 2
I did not say that IAG was a budget airline I said that Willy Walsh was the CEO of a budget airline.
He was CEO of Air Lingus
mark robinson 0
He was indeed, but that was before leaving it over 10 years ago! In fact, he helped keep EI afloat by changing its' model into that of a low cost carrier. And it's good to see how their fortunes are continuing to improve now.
But I still fail to se any relevance of your point. Surely controlling costs and turning a profit is the key part of the role of CEO? A subjective comment, rather than objective perhaps?
Gvs951 3
And now Air Lingis owned by BA / IAG. I suspect we will see this plan quietly dropped by popular demand.
Mike Monk 1
There is a difference between cutting costs and cutting the level of service.
Airlines are very basically divided into two groups; full service airlines which BA aspires to and budget airlines which BA is heading towards.
Quality is a very important aspect of any business. In the case of full service airlines like BA it is very important because people will pay for quality. That is why airlines squeeze people in to economy seats and charge relatively low fares and charge more for business class and first class where the quality of service and comfort allows them to charge more.
With BA cutting the quality of service but not the price it charges is indicative of a budget airline which is where Willie Walsh built his reputation.
altawood 0
I have flown two long-haul flights to Europe on Delta in the last two years and each was excellent in all respects.
My wife does no go well with chocolate at all. Is there an alternative?


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