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Delta Airliner Shares Runway With Porsche For Extreme Photo Op [Video]

Delta Airlines managed to pack a massive Airbus A330, a Porsche Cayenne SUV, a Porsche Carrera GT supercar and a helicopter all on the same runway for a marketing opportunity like none other. ( 更多...

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I don't get it! Why would you compromise on safety to pull off a fancy ad? Imagine if the aircraft had to do a high speed take-off abort. There would have been a real chance that three people would have been seriously hurtbecause the aircraft could have hit the car.....

Delta is giving a wrong signal here! Flying is all about safety, but sometimes we compromise to pull off a nice publicity shot.
Awesome! I'm sure we are going to see add clips from both Delta and Porsche that were taken during this event!
Would've been better if it were American
qirong zhou 1
thrust at idle 00:40?
That's AWESOME!!!
s2v8377 -4
Delta is still a terrible airline!!! They should put more effort into their service and less into making commercials!!!
Also putting the logo on the bottom, using Porsches and race car drives for there adds, and the colors on there livery is all an attempt to incress the image of the airline similar to the same advertisement methods of Etihad, Singapore, Qatar,and Emirates. The difference is the customer service of Delta vs. the other carriers I mentioned.
As a customer, I know Delta service sucks! Delta jest wants to look high end view of Porsche Macons similar to how Porsche, Lexus, ASUS, Gulfstream, and Mercedes-Benzs.
You do realize the new Porsche HQ is spitting distance to the airport right?
I know as a Porsche fan! That's also the new ultra modern Porsche Museum there.
Yes, I know as a Porsche fan.
Of course, who else would troll both Delta's YT and now here..
s2v8377 3
I don't understand why you feel you have the right to write something nasty back to someone you don't know and have never met. If you like Delta fly them and support them, but don't trash other opinions!!!
Lets just dissect your poor analysis:
"ensuring realistic connections at hubs"
As a human being, we are almost all given common sense. Planning a flight to connect to another destination within 30 minutes in impossible, and not allowed. Even within one hour should be avoided. It's not Delta's responsibility to take care of customers outside of their aircraft.

"fleet modernization" They're getting there. Look at their purchase orders. No one with common sense buys first gen cars, the same with multi-billion dollar aircraft.

"cleaning the interiors of their aircraft"
I agree here, but it's out of their hands when it comes to quick turn around flights that are contracted out to the airport's staff.

"Delta is also responsible for creating nightly gridlock at JFK and LGA because of your unrealistic scheduling and gate planning"
Citation required

Spewing nonsense may get you some thumbs up, but ignoring the true reasoning to things is not an option.
All from a true loyal DL employee first gen a/c yeah right at the expensive of their share holders after bankruptcy. DL went on a buying spree right before filing.... canned all their ramp employees for contract employee with no benefits. a/c interiors cleaned by them filthy tray tables lack of vacuuming clean interiors hardly.
Responsible for "creating? gridlock at JFK/LGA do you even hear yourself?
Geez! some ppl shouldn't even have a computer


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